‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Baby Mess Is All Bill’s Fault – Here’s Why

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers remind that Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is the architect of most of the misery still playing out on the CBS soap. Lately, he’s taking a kinder look at some of the baby liars after Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) saved Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) life.

Meanwhile, others on B&B have their favorite scapegoat to blame. But why isn’t anyone blaming the real culprit? That’s none other than Dollar Bill Spencer. He started the ball rolling on all this baby swap mess on the CBS soap. But no one’s calling him on it… Take a look back.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer’s Bad Choices Triggered All This Drama

B&B spoilers recall Bill Spencer laid the groundwork for this baby debacle. It started when he got the hots for Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Despite her being married to his son Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), Bill was determined to have her. And when Steffy ran to the Forrester estate after an argument with Liam, his dad made his move.

Bill Spencer slimed his way into bed with Steffy Forrester. Then, when she chose Liam, he wouldn’t give up. Bill lied, schemed, and worked to drive a wedge between Steffy and Liam. And then, Steffy turned up pregnant, remind Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. So, that meant she needed a paternity test. Then, of course, Liam found the test. That’s when things with them exploded.

B&B Reminders: Bill’s Scheme Pushed Liam to Hope

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recall finding the paternity test forced Steffy to confess. So, that’s when Liam found out his wife slept with his father. And he pushed for an annulment just as Hope came back to LA. Liam even told her to go be with Bill Spencer. But, just as Liam was ready to take Steffy back, Bill got him to dump her by tricking Wyatt. He staged a scene to make Wyatt think Bill hooked up with Steffy again.

So, Wyatt ran and blabbed to Liam. And that’s why Liam ran to Hope, proposed, and got her pregnant that same night. So, Bill engineered Liam and Steffy’s split. Which is how Hope got pregnant. Not only that, but months before that, Bill’s lies broke up Thomas and Sally. So, that left Thomas single to pursue Hope and perpetuate the baby lie. Bold and the Beautiful history reminds Bill’s fingerprints are all over this whole thing.

Bold and the Beautiful: What If Bill Wasn’t So Awful?

Without Bill’s interference in the Steffy-Liam marriage, Hope might never have hooked up with Liam. Without Bill’s ongoing awful actions, Liam might still be married to Steffy and a family unit with their daughter Kelly. That means no stolen baby. No Hope grieving a lost child. And no Steffy grieving after losing both Liam and her adopted baby.

Bold and the Beautiful might be quite different now if Bill wasn’t so selfish. Without his lies and chicanery – things could look like this… Steffy’s still married to Liam. Sally would be with sane, normal Thomas. Wyatt could be happily hitched to Katie. And Brooke and Ridge’s marriage would be intact. Hope would surely have found another man. And Bill could find love elsewhere on the CBS sudser.

As for Reese, he would have stolen another baby – or been killed by gambling thugs. The one downside would be no kidney donor for Katie (and no baby Beth). But, surely Katie would get a donor – and Hope could start a family with another love. In the end, the source of all the sadness traces right back to Bill Spencer. Yet everyone else is taking the blame while Bill’s getting away with it. Is that fair?

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