‘Bold and the Beautiful’ 9/2/19 Spoilers: Brooke Panics – Worries Thomas Will Rat Her to Cops

Bold and the Beautiful 9/2/19 spoilers show Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) worries what Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) will say to the cops. He’s fresh off waking from a devastating fall and may be a bit disoriented. There’s also the question of how much he remembers. Detective Alex Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) has lots of questions, but what will Thomas say? Also, there’s a sweet smooch that happens on Monday’s B&B episode. See what’s next on the CBS sudser.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 9/2/19: Sanchez Questions Thomas Forrester – Stories Change

As Friday’s B&B spoilers remind, Thomas Forrester was finally coming out of his coma and Detective Sanchez was right there ready to grill him. Already, Sanchez suspected this was more than an accident. When he first started asking questions, he didn’t like the answers he got. Brooke Logan insisted it was an accident, but Ridge Forrester’s (Thorsten Kaye) not so certain. Especially given what Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) said at the time.

Although Brooke Logan said Thomas Forrester was threatening Hope and she was scared, her daughter said otherwise. Hope made it clear that Thomas was apologizing and wasn’t trying to hurt her. He just wanted her to listen. But when the detective asked her questions, suddenly Hope changed her story. Ridge took notice of that, but on the last Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers had him keeping quiet. But on the next episode, he might not.

B&B Spoilers for 9/2/19: Brooke Logan Worries – What Will Thomas Say?

As Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, September 2 reveal, Brooke Logan’s got good reason to be concerned. If Thomas Forrester accurately recalls the events, he might throw Brooke Logan to the wolves. After all, she shoved him for all she was worth and he went flying. So, Detective Sanchez grills the still groggy Thomas. However, since he woke up apologetic, he might not make any accusations. But will things stay that way?

Because the more he regains his wits, the more he might remember. While Thomas Forrester feels awful about the things he’s done, that doesn’t mean he’ll cover for Brooke Logan if he remembers how she over-reacted and assaulted him. For one, Ridge is certain Brooke did his son wrong. That causes complications for “Bridge” in coming days, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for today. So, watch Brooke Logan worry as the cop chases the truth.

Bold and the Beautiful Today: Sally Spectra and Wyatt Spencer Kiss

Last week, B&B spoilers recall that the week ended with Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) kissing Sally Spectra. That kissing resumes as the week starts. With Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) rotting in jail, there’s no obstacle to their love. Of course, that changes once she makes bail because she won’t give up on her high school sweetie so easily. But for now, Sally’s got her man back. Expect more kissing and romance on Monday’s episode of the CBS soap.

Wait to see if Brooke Logan escapes the long arm of the law as Thomas Forrester answers the detective’s questions. Things get worse after the LAPD detective leaves when Ridge turns on his wife. What’s next won’t be pretty.

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