‘Bold and the Beautiful’ 9/18/19: Brooke-Ridge Reconciles But Shauna’s Got a Crush

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers 9/18/19 promise Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) left a lot out of his chat with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) on the last episode. Their talk continues on Wednesday and it seems like he might be spill the beans about Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards). Across town, in their sketchy apartment, Shauna talks to Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) in regard to her night with the married man. There’s little doubt that Brooke will eventually find out, but there’s a lot of worrisome talk on the next B&B on CBS daytime.

Bold and the Beautiful 9/18/19 Spoilers: Ridge Forrester Works Things Out With Brooke Logan

Already, B&B spoilers for Wednesday, September 18 show Brooke Logan’s pretty calm about Ridge Forrester’s night away. He told her selective truths. He mentioned there were drinks with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and that was true. But Carter walked out. He also mentioned the helpful bartender Danny (Keith Carlos) and sleeping upstairs at Bikini Bar.

But there’s so much more that Ridge Forrester’s leaving out of his confession about what went down after he walked out angry. Brooke Logan was quick to tell Eric Forrester (John McCook) that Ridge wouldn’t run off and be unfaithful. And it’s true he didn’t get jiggy with Shauna. But he is gearing up to lie to his wife and that will make things look so much worse later.

Because, you can bet that the night Shauna and Ridge Forrester spent together won’t remain hidden. It will only take a few questions in the right ears, and Brooke Logan will find out. As Tuesday’s show ended, Ridge said he had something to tell her, so it sure sounded like he had second thoughts about lying to his wife, hint Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday.

B&B Spoilers 9/18/19: Ridge Decides Lying is the Safest Option

While Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for 9/18/19 say Ridge Forrester and wife Brooke Logan cuddle up and play nice, things won’t stay pleasant for too long. In the end, Ridge pulls back and decides he can’t tell her about Shauna helping him the night before. Brooke Logan understandably hates Shauna. Now, Ridge has a kinder perspective on the woman, though.

He and Shauna have common ground because everyone hates their kids – his son and her daughter – over this baby lie. And now, word’s spreading that he helped Flo avoid prison so the family’s soon upset with Ridge too. So for now, Ridge Forrester decides that the best option is to keep quiet. After all, Shauna assured him that Brooke Logan will never hear about it from her.

That’s true enough. It’ll probably be Carter that raises Brooke’s suspicions. Because his timeline doesn’t align quite right to Ridge’s. A few questions asked at Bikini Bar will expose Ridge Forrester’s lies. And that comes soon because next week Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Carter goes back to the bar with questions about that night. That won’t work out well for Ridge.

Bold and the Beautiful 9/18/19: Flo Horrified Her Mom’s Crushing on Ridge

Meanwhile, Shauna gushes to her daughter about what a great guy that Ridge is and how she spent the night cuddling him in a sketchy bedroom above a bar. Her mom has stars in her eyes. She was already thrilled that he got Flo out of jail. And then she was scorned when Brooke Logan chewed her out, called her daughter a tramp, then threw her out of her mansion.

But this is more than just Shauna helping a man who helped her kid, promise Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. She pulled a full creeper move and was kissing him while he was passed out. Now, she’s got a crush on him. She played friendly and nice with Ridge, but she’s falling for him. It’s pretty disturbing since she’s not got an agenda against the Logan ladies.

At the end of Tuesday’s episode she walked in on Katie Logan (Heather Tom) raking Flo over the coals. So, Shauna soon sets her sights on stealing Ridge Forrester from Brooke Logan and this lie certainly won’t help strengthen “Bridge”. In fact, it could set the stage for a split and the schemer to take advantage. Keep watching B&B on CBS weekdays to see what happens.

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