‘Bold and the Beautiful’: 5 Ways Sally Spectra’s Just Like Her OG Auntie

Bold and the Beautiful‘s bringing back OG Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) while they left us hanging on the fate of the other Sally (Courtney Hope). If you’re a newer watcher, you may not know the original Sally, but she and her namesake niece are a lot alike. Take a look at five ways they remind us of one another.

#1 Red Hair & Wild Fashion – Both Sally Spectra Rock It on Bold and the Beautiful

B&B fans were stunned when the CBS soap brought in a new Sally Spectra. Many were ready to reject her right away because they loved the original redhead. Now, though, tons of viewers adore new-Sally and see that she channels her feisty aunt. The first ways they’re alike are apparent.

On Bold and the Beautiful, both the Spectra women are redheads that love their wild clothing. Lately, the soap’s downplayed Sally 2.0’s style, but that spirit’s still in there. Yet the bright hair and insane styles aren’t the only things Sally Spectra and her aunt have in common.

#2 Both Stole Designs & Got Arrested for it on B&B

Bold and the Beautiful recaps remind that both Sally Spectras stole designs from Forrester Creations. Back in the day, original Sally paid someone to steal FC designs to use as her own. In fact, she did it more than once. The Forresters had her arrested more than once.

The Forresters also slapped handcuffs on her niece Sally Spectra when she purloined designs and was making them under a cheaper label. Remember on Bold and the Beautiful when she rigged an ugly necklace with a camera? She used her sister, unknowingly, to steal designs.

#3 The Two of Them Lied About Medical Conditions

In the cliffhanger on Bold and the Beautiful, Sally Spectra’s trying to hide a knocked-out body. That mess spiraled from her fake death scam. It seems she won’t get away with it. But, her Aunt Sally faked a few illnesses back in her day, so it’s a family tradition.

Way back on Bold and the Beautiful, the first Sally Spectra faked a heart attack for sympathy, not long after she’d had a real one. Later, Sally, the OG, lied and told Jack Hamilton (Chris Robinson) that she was pregnant to get him to marry her. That medical fib fell flat on its face.

#4 Both Sally Spectras Brawled with Stephanie Forrester on B&B

There’s another similarity between aunt and niece on Bold and the Beautiful. Each brawled with a Stephanie. Of course, Spectra Sr fought with OG Stephanie (Susan Flannery). Back in time, Stephanie slapped Sally, pushed her in a pool, and drenched her in a lake over her schemes.

As for nu-Sally Spectra and Stephanie’s namesake, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), things also got messy. Steffy and Sally had a cake fight at Il Giardino, and another at a family wedding at the Forrester mansion. Both were epic catfights on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sally-Spectra (Courtney Hope) - Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) - Thomas Forrester (Pierson Fode)

#5 Each Loved a Designer that Did Her Dirty on Bold and the Beautiful

Last, both Jr and Sr had rough times with men on B&B. Back then, Sally Spectra fell for Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar), a designer. She married him and gave him half her business. Clarke betrayed her, demanded she get an abortion, then cheated on her. So, no happy ending there.

As for the younger Sally Spectra, on Bold and the Beautiful, she fell hard for Thomas Forrester (then-Pierson Fode). However, he betrayed her by running off to be with Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey) and left her – and her business – hanging. Of course, that as based on lies, but still…

While there are many differences between the current and former Sally Spectra characters, both bring a good time to the CBS soap. For now, we’re waiting on the fallout from the faked death scam. Keep watching for more OG goodness on reruns.

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