‘The Blended Bunch’: New Family Emerges From Tragic Loss

The Blended Bunch is a brand new show featuring Spencer Shemwell and Erica Shemwell combining their families after suffering tragic losses. This brand new show is coming to TLC on Tuesday, March 16th at 9 PM.

The Blended Bunch: Spencer Shemwell & Erica Shemwell Pickup Broken Pieces

On The Blended Bunch, Erica Shemwell and Spencer Shemwell are working together to try to blend their two separate families into one unit. Spencer’s attempting to play around with his children as he coaxes them to fight less during a family road trip.

Erica from The Blended Bunch reveals that she’s the mom of seven children. But, her husband Spencer, has four. So, between these two parents, they have eleven kids that they’re raising. Next, Erica explains that they’re both widowed.

During the The Blended Bunch spoilers, Erica explains that her former husband Tony passed away because of brain cancer. As Erica keeps talking, she breaks down into tears, saying that she feels her heart was ripped out of her chest.

Also, Spender on The Blended Bunch reveals his wife died after a car accident. Then, he goes on to explain he had to sit his four children down in his lap to let them know that “mommy passed away.”

The Blended Bunch: Erica Shemwell

Half-Siblings Fight

On The Blended Bunch, it doesn’t appear that all of the siblings are getting along with one another. Two young girls in particular aren’t getting along very well. The younger of the two is holding two markers with her feet, while drawing on a pad of paper. Then, she says to the older girl that she’s not her “real sister” so she can’t tell her “what to do.” The older girl looks upset by this comment.

Then, the girls are sitting next to each other on a couch while being interviewed for the The Blended Bunch. A TLC producer asks the girls what the part of being in a blended family is. The two females point at each other.

The Blended Bunch: Erica Shemwell - Spencer Shemwell

The Blended Bunch: Parenting Struggles for Erica Shemwell & Spencer Shemwell

The new couple of The Blended Bunch work hard together to face all of the struggles of parenting. Erica Shemwell sits down with one of her older daughters to talk to her about growing up and her aging body.

Also, Spencer and his wife sit with their young son, helping him potty train. The boy asks his mom if the “poopoo” is out of his butt. So, she bends over the toilet to check if the poop is out of his bottom. She’s excited because it’s “12 years of diapers” that’s coming to an end.

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