‘The Blended Bunch’: Are Erica and Spencer Still Together?

The Blended Bunch stars Erica Shemwell and Spencer Shemwell are struggling with the difficulties of combining their two families together. However, after the recent struggles they’re facing, many are wondering if this couple is still together.

The Blended Bunch: Erica Shemwell & Spencer Shemwell Say Goodbye

The Blended Bunch shows off two families coming together to work through facing life after the loss of their spouses. However, life isn’t as simple as trying to find a new love to connect with for this family. Between Erica and Spencer combined, they’re working on raising eleven children.

Spencer Shemwell and Erica Shemwell from The Blended Bunch talk about how they met online via an online widow support group. They each opened up about how they’ve lost their significant others via tragic life events.

At first, Erica Shemwell from The Blended Bunch opens up about losing her husband to brain cancer. Also, she says her husband’s death happened while she’s pregnant. Erica happened to be carrying their seventh child together.

Next, Spencer Shemwell from The Blended Bunch talks about losing his first wife, Aimee, in a car accident. Also, he says his first wife was his childhood sweetheart. While Spencer, and his four other children, were in the car with his first wife, they escape without any injuries. However, Aimee and the baby she was carrying, didn’t make it. Also, the cause of the car accident was the vehicle being T-boned by another car.

The Blended Bunch: Erica Shemwell - Spencer Shemwell

New Family Trying Hard

On The Blended Bunch, both Erica and Spencer Shemwell are talking about how they first started off as friends. At first, they talk about they’re struggling with being single parents. Plus, they open up about how much they’re struggling with the loss of their life partner.

After getting married in January 2019, Spencer and Erica have continued to work hard to try to support their children. However, there are a lot of hardships that are coming from this. This is because of how many different personalities are in their home.

The Blended Bunch: Erica Shemwell - Spencer Shemwell

The Blended Bunch: Are Spencer Shemwell and Erica Shemwell Still Together?

Erica and Spencer from The Blended Bunch are still married and living together. Even though they’re still recovering from the heartache of losing their spouses, they’re working together to raise a beautiful family together. Also, they make time for one another and try to show their children how much they love each other. But, this sometimes grosses their kids out, who scream “ew” whenever their parents kiss.

While they’re not too open with PDA, Erica and Spencer admit they’re still working on the hardships in the relationship. However, they say they realize they aren’t a perfect family, but they’re still working on figuring out everything. They’re depending on their faith in God to help get them through their bad days.

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