‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Leak: ‘Bandersnatch’ Episode Leaked Screenshot Gets 11M Views for Dec 28 Release


Black Mirror fans who’ve been awaiting the season 5 return of the Netflix sci-fi show don’t have much longer to wait. As seen in the screenshot from a Twitter user captured below, Black Mirror’s fifth season premieres Friday, December 28. The Black Mirror screenshot shows “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch 12/28.”

Black Mirror leaks Bandersnatch episode title

The leak was from a now-deleted tweet that originally appeared on the verified @NXOnNetflix Twitter account. “A perfectly balanced December,” read the description. Since it has been a whole year since Black Mirror viewers binged on episodes like “Nosedive,” which featured Lacie Pound (Bryce Dallas Howard) trying to rack up merits to live her best life, fans want more.

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror captured the interest of viewers around the world. It enjoys a sci-fi bend that we dare not call dystopian. Instead, it’s a look into the bad things that can happen when technology consumes the world. And if Baby or Insatiable can gain controversy for Netflix, then the return of Black Mirror is definitely setting the interwebs afire. It’s also likely leading plenty of people to Google “Bandersnatch” for clues. Turns out Bandersnatch is a haunting figure from writer Lewis Carroll. Bandersnatch appeared in the novel Through the Looking-Glass in 1872. And Bandersnatch showed up two years later in the 1874 poem The Hunting of the Snark. For further anticipation and shock, Webster’s Dictionary defines Bandersnatch as “a wildly grotesque or bizarre individual.”

Viral tweet causes a stir among Black Mirror followers

The tweet inadvertently leaked information from an official account has cause Black Mirror watchers to become giddy with anticipation. With only 26 more days until December 28, viewers can get their thinking caps ready for a Black Mirror binge the weekend following Christmas, but prior to New Year’s Eve. “Bandersnatch” does not yet show up on IMDB for Black Mirror, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what actions the episode could contain.

However, it’s not the first time that information about upcoming Black Mirror episodes have leaked via Twitter. As seen in the below tweets, leaks broke open wide in April. The series filmed an episode at St. George’s Walk in Croydon, London. It is also known that one of the episodes will transport viewers to the 1980s, just like the “San Junipero” episode. But the throwback will take place in the United Kingdom, because fans published photos of Croydon looking like a retro area, complete an old school Wimpy. The word “Bandersnatch” in relation to Black Mirror was also published previously on social media, which seems to confirm the newest leak.

Viewers may pick their own plot

As if there isn’t enough excitement surrounding the leak of the season 5 start date, fans of the show can also look forward to potentially selecting their own storyline. Appropriately, Netflix is allowing fans to pick their own plot-lines during one episode. It will be in the fifth season of the Emmy-winning sci-fi series.

The show gained fame for examining in a fictional manner how technology can create the best and worst human behaviors. Now it is apropos to see the technological choices extended to viewers.

The millions of views have begun

Meanwhile, the leak about the beginning of the fifth season of the show has sent fans into overdrive. On social media, the previous screenshot shows the above Twitter user gaining nearly 11 million impressions. The leaked tweet reveals a December 28 release date.

Such madness is reminiscent of the “Fifteen Million Merits” Black Mirror episode. Participants had to gain loads of social media attention in order to experience their freedom from a world gone mad with technology.

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