‘Big Brother’: Vanessa Rousso & Wife Mel Welcome Son – Two More Babies on the Way Soon

Big Brother 17 star Vanessa Rousso and her wife Melissa Ouellet welcomed a baby boy on February 15. First, Vanessa announced that Mel was carrying their first child back in August 2019. But it took them several tries through In-Vitro for Melissa to get pregnant. But the crazy part is that Vanessa’s pregnant too – and with twins. Keep scrolling for pics of their little boy and other baby news.

Big Brother 17: Vanessa Rousso & Melissa Ouellet Both Pregnant

Vanessa Rousso and Mel Ouellet tried for a long time to get pregnant through IVF. According to Big Brother 17’s Vanessa, it took three times for the process to work. Then in August, she announced that Melissa was 12 weeks pregnant with a boy, and the couple was ecstatic. Vanessa said back then they had “full hearts” as they announced Mel was carrying a “healthy little boy”.

Then, two months later, in October, Vanessa revealed she was pregnant too. Not only that – but Vanessa Rousso was expecting two babies. The Big Brother star explained that she was pregnant with identical twin boys. So, she and Mel will have three newborns in 2020. Could you imagine going from zero to three so fast?

Big Brother: Vanessa Rousso - Melissa Ouellet

Melissa Gives Birth to Baby Boy

On February 15, Vanessa Rousso and her partner Melissa Ouellet saw their first baby into the world. Their little boy’s named Lucas Valentino Rousso. At birth, he weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces arrived at 7:50 am. No doubt, his middle name was influenced by Valentine’s Day as it was the day before.

Then, Vanessa Rousso said their “hearts are overflowing” with all their “love and gratitude”. The Big Brother 17 alum’s wife Melissa said she and her wife are “the happiest parents”. Both mothers seem already head over heels for little Lucas Rousso. They’re getting a lot of love from their family, friends, and especially the Big Brother community.

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Big Brother: Vanessa Rousso’s Got Two More Boys on the Way

Since Vanessa Rousso’s due a couple of months after her wife delivered, they’ll have time to adjust to being parents. But only a little while… Soon, they’ll be changing three diapers at a time and trying to juggle a three-pack of little boys. Although, if anyone can do it, it’s Vanessa Rousso who spent her whole run on BB17 planning and strategizing every single move. Congrats to her and Melissa Ouellet.

Big Brother returns this summer to CBS.

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