‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Zingbot Roasts the BB21 Houseguests – How Bad Were the Zings?

Big Brother spoilers reveal the return of the fan-favorite master of zings, Zingbot. The robot visited the BB21 house over the weekend to host the veto competition. But, it wouldn’t be a Zingbot veto if he didn’t roast the houseguests. Although some of his burns left something to be desired, they affected the group regardless. Keep reading to see what he said about the remaining eight.

Big Brother Spoilers: Christie Murphy Finally Gets Chewed Out – Zingbot Sleeps On Jessica Milagros

One of the grossest things to come out of this Big Brother season was not the steamy showers or rumored STDs. It was actually Christie Murphy’s eating habits. Big Brother spoilers show Zingbot finally calls her out it. “Taco Tuesday got a little loud, but it wasn’t your voice,” he told Christie. “It was your chewing!”

On the other hand, Jessica Milagros was targeted for her lack of moves in the Big Brother game. Zingbot referred to her as a “snoozefest” which would be accurate. But she does have an HoH under her belt. She was also responsible for Jack Matthews’ eviction.

BB21 Spoilers: Zingbot Gets Personal With Holly Allen and Cliff Hogg

BB spoilers show that Zingbot was all too happy to poke fun at possible insecurities. His first Big Brother victim was Holly Allen. At first, his zing looked to be aimed at Cliff Hogg, but that was only a ruse. “Nicole, you’ve been living in a house for 67 days with an old buzzard. Holly!” It was a brutal blow because Holly spends half her time in the bathroom doing her makeup.

Cliff’s Big Brother zing had nothing to do with his age. Instead, Zingbot roasted him about his body shape. His exact words didn’t come up in conversation, but said Cliff had a “side boob” and a “voluptuous body.” It’s 2019 Zingbot – body shaming so not cool!

Big Brother 21’s Tommy Bracco and Nick Maccarone Both Take Hits

Zingbot straight-up called Tommy Bracco out for being an “attention whore.” It’s true, but not surprising for Tommy’s character because he always has to get involved in everything going on in the Big Brother house. According to later conversations, Tommy fell dramatically to the floor after hearing it (case and point).

Nick Maccarone’s roast was all about his peculiar haircut. Zingbot greeted him by saying, “Hail Nick Caesar!” If anyone’s ever seen what Julius Caesar looked like, they know he had a weird looking ‘do. But Zingbot’s more direct zing at Nick was something along the lines of, “did someone drop a bowl on your head?”

Big Brother Spoilers: Zingbot Targets Jackson Michie and Nicole Anthony’s Personalities

Another topic not off the table for the zinging robot is the player’s personalities. Zingbot took a shot at Jackson Michie by calling him a “pompous douchebag.” Which many that far from the Live Feed viewers agreed with. Yet, Jackson was more worried about who thought he was a douchebag, Big Brother production or the viewers.

But Zingbot’s jab at Nicole Anthony was probably the nastiest of them all. He said she was a “boring loser and had no friends” and didn’t stop there. Zingbot ripped Nicole apart by claiming, “she has no contact with the outside world, just like at home.”

Watch Zingbot roast the Big Brother players during Wednesday night’s episode.

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