‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Jessica Milagros Sabotages Game – Blows Up Entire BB21 House

Big Brother spoilers tease the end for Jessica Milagros’ game as well as the sanity in the BB21 house. After Nicole Anthony told her about a new alliance she wasn’t apart of, Jessica was devestated. But she didn’t keep the news to herself. She pulled a ‘Bella’ and spread the news to Holly Allen and Jackson Michie. She even shared it with Analyse, who is part of the proposed six person group. It’s safe to say that Jessica tossed her game out the window. But did she blow up the house as well?

Big Brother Spoilers: Nicole Anthony Gives Jessica Milagros Top Secret Info

Last night, Nicole Anthony revealed a possible new alliance to Jessica Milagros. In a conversation that included Cliff Hogg, the pre-school aide informed Jess about this six-person alliance. Seems like some normal talk in the Big Brother game, right?

Wrong. Here’s the kicker. Nicole, Cliff, Nick Maccarone, Analyse Talavera, Christie Murphy, and Tommy Bracco make up the group. But Jessica isn’t included. So, why did Nicole tell the model about it? It’s hard to say because this cast has a ‘unique’ way of playing Big Brother and by unique I mean completely idiotic. Obviously, Jessica was upset at the news. Yet, rather than play it smart, she practically ruined her chances with what she did next.

Jessica Blabs About New Alliance To Several People

A good move in Big Brother would have been to sit on this information until it helped her game to use it. But Jessica Milagros probably didn’t even consider it before she ran to Holly Allen to tell her about it. Holly wasn’t super shocked about it and neither was Jackson, who she later told about the news.

This was all happening in the middle of a potential vote flip to keep Kathryn Dunn, but ended up messing up that plan. And if that’s not bad enough, Jessica decided to talk to Analyse Talavera of all people! Sis lied to Jess that there wasn’t any plans for a new Big Brother alliance because Tommy doesn’t want any. Then Jess dug her grave a little deeper by telling Sis where she heard the news. Also, she threw in a white lie and told Holly that Sis was flirting with Jackson.

Big Brother Spoilers: Jessica Milagros Blows Up House

It’s not a surprise that Jessica’s actions ended with a confrontation early this morning in the Big Brother house. It was not the most progressive argument in the slightest and Jess’ mistake may have ruined her game and made her a big target.

Jess was a huge crying mess afterwards and houseguests have noticed. When she was called to the Diary Room later this morning, Holly teased, “Jessica go get a sanity check because I’m actually worried for your brain.”

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