‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: JC Backdoored – Level 6 Wants Him on the Block Next?

Big Brother Spoilers hint JC Mounduix is the a backdoor target. Live feeds show the golden Power of Veto is around Kaycee’s neck for the second week in a row. Chatter on the live feeds is that nominations will stay the same – Hayleigh and Scottie are still on the block with Scottie being the target for eviction.

But what was also heard on the live feeds was the possible backdoor eviction of controversial House guest JC Mounduix.

Big Brother Spoilers: JC Mounduix getting closer to the block

It is well known on the twitter feeds that JC Mounduix has been playing an erratic game. He is known as a wildcard in the house and has a offended multiple people including Bayleigh with the infamous N-word incident. He has pushed boundaries and has blown up on social media. But his latest debacle is his lack of trying in the HOH and veto competitions.

This of course went unnoticed when there were 16 people in the Big Brother house. JC Mounduix could play his game of behind the scenes pulling the puppet strings while everyone else was on the front lines. But now that it’s dwindling to a small number of people, JC’s lack of trying in competitions is becoming more and more noticeable. It appears JC threw the HOH competition with the colorful ball pits. Big Brother spoilers tell us JC admitted in the Diary Room that he did not even have to try this week. He could just have fun playing in the pit.

Level 6 starting to notice JC – Big Brother Spoilers

Big Brother spoilers and the live feeds show Tyler, Angela and Kaycee talking about JC. They mention he has not been on the Block once and has not even tried to win any competitions. This is been a reoccurring conversation with the three.  But now that the numbers are getting slim, it is becoming more and more apparent that JC has not gotten any of the blood on his hands that the HOH’s have had. This has angered Tyler, Angela and Kaycee because they believe JC should be on the Block. Preferably next to Sam next week. Kaycee is quoted as saying that JC should know how it feels to be on the Block and that he has been skating by in this competition.


JC Mounduix lost his last ally when Faysal left the house

JC and Faysal were very close in the Big Brother house and Faysal became someone that JC could easily manipulate into voting the way he wanted. Now that Faysal has been officially evicted, JC is left with no one to control. Unfortunately, He believes that he is close with everyone on the house. This makes a possible blindside and backdoor easy for Level 6.

Decide for yourself. Who do you think will be on the chopping block next? Has JC Mounduix finally pushed enough buttons? JC may try to talk his way out of a possible blindside. But if Level 6 plays their cards right JC will never have seen it coming.

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