‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: BB House Tired of Christie Murphy’s Drama

Big Brother spoilers reveal that many houseguests are getting sick of Christie Murphy. She has been trying to play the game too hard and everyone is starting to notice. Not to mention the fact that she retells things several times, changing certain aspects which people are pointing out. Cliff’s Angels, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen are all done with her. Even some of the BB21 houseguests that are working with her are annoyed. Will she become the next target?

Big Brother Spoilers: Jackson Michie, Kathryn Dunn & Holly Allen Bash Christie Murphy

The trio – that’s definitely not a trio according to them – did some Christie Murphy bashing the other night. Jackson Michie, Kathryn Dunn and Holly Allen were talking about the other side of the Big Brother house. As expected, they had a few choice words to say when it came to Christie.

But the one most vocal Big Brother houseguest about the Staten Island native, Christie Murphy, turned out to be Holly. “She [Christie] never stops talking.” Holly complained about just about everything the other woman does, from making every conversation about herself to the way she chews her food. According to Holly, “We are all living in Christie’s world.”

Nicole Understands Christie’s Entire Game

One of the smartest people in the Big Brother house right now is Nicole Anthony. Aside from former player David Alexander, she has the best grasp on each houseguests strategies and tactics. Especially Christie Murphy who was one of the people who treated Nicole badly after her fall out with Nick Maccarone and Bella Wang.

For example, she knows that one of Christie’s main tactics is to cry whenever someone in the Big Brother house confronts her about anything. Nicole told her BB21 alliance members Kat and Jessica Milagros about her theories. Which also consisted of Christie bullying other houseguests into submission.

Big Brother Spoilers: Kathryn Dunn Exposes Lies

Kathryn Dunn brought up an older event when talking about Christie Murphy to Holly Allen. According to Holly, she complained after Kat won the veto a few weeks ago. Christie claimed that she would have won if she weren’t missing a piece from her puzzle. Kat’s retort was, “b*tch, you would not have won. You didn’t see the piece because you were dumb. Christie was “manifesting” it, which is apparently her word of the summer.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9 on CBS.

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