‘Big Brother’: How Do Several Reality Stars Know Tommy Bracco?

Big Brother 21 houseguest Tommy Bracco appears to know a few reality stars. Since being announced as part of this summer’s cast, several familiar reality faces have wished him well and seem to know him as well. Both Tiffany Chantell and Krista DeBono from The Amazing Race sent him good vibes. And so did Rachel Swindler from BB20. But how do all of these people know the Staten Island Broadway dancer?

Big Brother: Meet Talented Broadway Dancer Tommy Bracco

Tommy Bracco is a 28-year-old dancer from Staten Island, NY who has built quite the Broadway resume. In 2012 he appeared in the Harvey Fierstein hit Newsies. Then went on to do A Chorus Line at New York City’s Center. But right before being put into sequester, he played bellhop Giulio in Pretty Women: The Musical.

Besides his amazing career, Tommy is also a huge Big Brother fan as he mentioned in his pre-show interview. His favorite houseguests are season 14 winner Ian Terry and Da’Vonne Rogers. He plans on throwing a couple competitions in the beginning and then slowly taking control of things.

How Does He Know ‘Amazing Race’ Stars Tiffany and Krista?

Once the Big Brother 21 cast was revealed Amazing Race alums  Krista DeBono and Tiffany Chantell tweeted their support for BB newbie Tommy Bracco. They congratulated him and shared a photo of the three of them at the TAR 27 premiere party. Krista is actually from Staten Island which might be how the pair know Tommy. They were also cheerleaders for the NY Jets, so maybe they just met around the city.

Whatever the case, Krista and Tiffany are returning the favor by rooting for Tommy this summer. They did the same for Big Brother 18‘s Natalie Negrotti who cheered with them on the Jets. Which might mean she knows the Broadway dancer, too.

Big Brother: Rachel Swindler Voiced Support For Tommy Bracco

While Rachel Swindler doesn’t seem to personally know Tommy Bracco, she has become a huge supporter. Via Twitter she announced that she was rooting for him because, “this man is the truth!” Probably referring to how he wants to have the first gay kiss on Big Brother and talked about how he’d spend the prize money after taxes. Whatever the case, Rachel is a big Tommy fan and so are fans. He could be dancing his way to finale night and off the stage with $500,000 dollars – after taxes.

Watch the houseguests move in when Big Brother premieres Tuesday night, June 25 at 8:00.

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