‘Big Brother’: Memphis Garrett’s Girlfriend Denies Dumping Rumor

Big Brother 22 news is boiling about Memphis Garrett’s love life including talk that his girlfriend, Dominique Scalise, dumped him. Fans are also saying Memphis Garrett is showmancing Christmas Abbott. A recent moment between the two had viewers scratching their heads.

Big Brother: Memphis Garrett & Christmas Abbott Grow Closer

As the number of days to the finale gets smaller, Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott have gotten closer. They’ve formed a nice friendship in the Big Brother house. It might have something to do with the number of BB alliances they’re in together.

Both were original members of “The Committee” alongside Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Tyler Crispen, and Daniele Donato Briones. Plus, Christmas and Memphis are also in the “Wise Guys” with Enzo. Little does Christmas know there’s a second Big Brother Wise Guys with Memphis, Enzo, and Cody.

Now, she and Memphis are on the Big Brother 22 chopping block this week and one of them is headed to the BB jury house on Thursday. The circumstances have caused the two to bond and form a friendship. Some fans think it might be more than that, despite Memphis Garrett having a girlfriend.

Fans Accuse BB22 Houseguest of Cheating With Christmas

There’s a video circulating that allegedly shows Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett getting a little too close. The two Big Brother 22 players are in one of the bedrooms with the lights off about to go to sleep. Christmas wanders over to Memphis, who’s under the covers and leans down really close.

The next part is what’s divided fans on what happened. One side thinks the two of them shared a kiss. But, others think Christmas whispered something to Memphis. Watching the BB video above, it seems like Christmas was telling him a Big Brother secret.

When she pulls away it sounds like she asks, “What do you think about that?” Then, she wonders if she needs to “say it again?” So, there wasn’t any kissing. Plus, both the Big Brother houseguests are currently dating other people. And they seemed very aware of the night-vision cameras trained on them.

Big Brother: Memphis Garrett

Big Brother: Memphis’ Girlfriend Denies Rumor She Dumped Him

Along with the rumors that BB22’s Memphis Garrett cheated on his girlfriend came one that she dumped him for it. Yet, Dominque Scalise addressed it and said that’s not the case. People accused her of deleting all of the photos of Big Brother‘s Memphis from her feed. But that’s not true.

According to Dominique, there never were any pics of them on her feed to delete because that’s not her thing. But then, Dominque added a sweet picture of the two of them together to underscore her statement. So, she effectively shut down all those nasty rumors with just one tweet.

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