‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie Wears Holly’s Sports Bra and Booty Shorts – Why Oh Why?

Big Brother couple Jackson Michie and Holly Allen had a little Freaky Friday moment when they switched outfits for a video. It seems like the two are trying to extend their BB21 fame and trying to get hip with the kids. Holly and Jackson swap their clothes which leaves Jackson Michie in a sports bra and booty shorts.

Big Brother 21: Jackson Michie & Holly Allen Move In Together

Last month Holly Allen and Jackson Michie took their relationship to the next level. They’ve already lived together inside the Big Brother house, but now they traded in those BB21 prop keys for a set of brand new ones. Holly and Michie have moved in together. Holly’s rescue dog, also coincidentally named Jackson, lives with them, too.

It’s no surprise that the two have taken the next step. The two have been traveling and share a connection. Although it’s been less than seven months since they met on Big Brother, will there be a proposal sometime in the near future?

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Jackson & Holly Swap Outfits

Holly Allen and his girlfriend Jackson Michie may be trying a little bit too hard to make a viral video (but it did work). Because, who can resist seeing the Big Brother stars switch their entire outfits.

It starts with Jackson wearing his typical flannel, jeans, and hat while Holly has on a sexy cropped tank top and booty shorts.

Big Brother: Holly Allen (tank top) - Jackson Michie

Jackson flicks the lights off and back on and they’ve swapped places and clothes. Somehow, the Tennessee native manages to fit his muscular body in Holly Allen’s top and short shorts. However, the top is a little different. It’s more like a sports bra now.

Big Brother: Jackson Michie (sports bra) - Holly Allen

Michie even puts Holly’s bandana on his head and the result is too hilarious.


Big Brother Casting Open For Season 22

In other BB news, if you’ve been dreaming of competing on Big Brother then now is the time. CBS is currently casting for season 22 which will take place over the summer in 2020. Casting is only open until April 3, so be sure to submit an application before the deadline.

Who doesn’t want an extra $500,000 to spend on whatever they want?

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