‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie & Holly Allen Call It Quits

Big Brother couple Jackson Michie and Holly Allen officially split. They met on the show’s 21st season competing against one another for half-a-million-dollars and got so much more than that. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be for Jackson and Holly because the Tennessee native just announced they’ve gone their separate ways. Holly quickly followed with an update too. Keep scrolling to see what they had to say about the break-up.

Big Brother: Jackson Michie & Holly Allen’s Love Story

Jackson Michie and reality bae Holly Allen quickly formed a bond on Big Brother 21. Although it started off as casually hooking up, their relationship eventually bloomed into a full-blown showmance. Soon, the two became a power couple and a dominant threat inside the house. They even exchanged “I love you’s” on their 75th day in house and “Day 75” became their “always.”

Holly and Jackson’s loyalty to one another in the Big Brother house knew no bounds. They made it to the final three and Jackson brought Holly to the final two where the jury awarded him the $500,000 first-place prize. Yet, Holly got a sweet $50,000 for herself. After the show, they decided to see where things went and Holly eventually moved in with Jackson post-Big Brother.

Jackson & Holly Split – BB21 Winner Breaks News

It’s been speculated that there was trouble in paradise when neither Jackson Michie nor Holly Allen was featured on the other’s social media pages. Big Brother fans assumed that the two broke up a couple of weeks ago, but there was no proof to support the theory until now. Jackson just confirmed the heartbreaking news that the two are no longer together.

Jackson said that “Life works in crazy ways” but assured that Holly Allen was the “one constant through it all.” Plus, he called Big Brother alum Holly an “amazing woman.” But, he said it’s sad that things went a way they didn’t expect. He said they went in “different directions.” Jackson Michie said they still love each other but it’s not “for the best” for them to be in a relationship.

The Big Brother winner also confirmed that Holly Allen will always be someone that he loves and holds in his heart. Jackson also acknowledged that this is not something they wanted to talk about publicly. But, since they met on reality TV,  they wanted to explain to fans “once and for all.” Jackson asked for respect and privacy from their followers.

Big Brother: Holly Allen - Jackson Michie

Big Brother: His Ex Makes a Statement Too

Holly Allen released a statement quickly after Jackson Michie revealed the break-up news. She talked about growth and what her relationship with Big Brother winner Jackson gave her. Plus, she asked fabs to hold their criticism. She said this year has been the hardest of her life. But, Holly Allen said it helped her learn about having assurance in who she is and what she wants for her future.

Big Brother: Holly Allen

Big Brother’s Holly Allen said she can’t compromise her integrity. And, she said she’s proud of herself, what she’s done in her life, and her “roots”. Holly made a cryptic remark that she knows what she deserves.  Plus, she said she wants to surround herself with people that inspire her.

Holly’s “excited” for the next chapter and where it will lead her. She admitted it hurts right now, but said that the pain over this Big Brother split is “temporary”.

So, although they’ve gone their separate ways, Jackson Michie and now-ex Holly Allen seem to split amicably. But, it might be awkward if they wound up on BB22 all stars together.

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