‘Big Brother’: Holly Allen Reveals Juicy Details Behind Break Up With Jackson Michie

Big Brother couple Jackson Michie and Holly Allen have been publically broken up for a couple of weeks now. Now, Holly is finally spilling the secret reasons that caused the two of them to split.

It looks like both Michie and Holly may at fault for the end of the relationship.

Plus, Kathryn Dunn went live on social media the other day and made some pretty huge accusations. So, what’s the scoop?

Big Brother: Holly Allen & Jackson Michie Call It Quits

With little social media interaction before they made it public, it wasn’t a total shock when Holly Allen and Jackson Michie announced their split. But it was a tiny bit surprising if you remember how close they were on Big Brother 21. They were the ultimate final two duo of the season and actually pulled it off. Some fans think one of BB‘s best power couples game-wise.

The only other showmance to do so was Mike “Boogie” Malin and Erika Landin on BB7 It looked like a number of things led to the two of them making the decision to break up. Both Big Brother alums shared their own vague messages announcing the news.

Big Brother: Holly Allen - Jackson Michie

Holly Spills Relationship Details

In an interview with Alyssa Amoroso on her podcast The Publyssity Podcast, Holly Allen shared some details. She claims there were several real reasons behind her breakup with Jackson Michie. Holly says that she wanted to keep their break up quiet while Jackson wanted to make it public, just another thing to add to the list of why they split up.

Holly said that their age difference – she’s 32 and he’s 25 – was one of the factors leading to their split. She said they were at different places in their lives and therefore wanted different things. Other than that, Holly said that the two of them spent way too much time together. It’s ironic because that seemed to work for them in the Big Brother house. Yet, apparently not so much in the outside world.

Big Brother: Holly Allen

Big Brother: Kathryn Dunn Shares Her Two Cents

Kathryn Dunn, who had a brief fling with Jackson Michie at the beginning of the game, decided to cut into the conversation. In a live stream, Kat put Holly on blast for reportedly accusing her of sleeping with Jackson when she visited their apartment back in February.

According to Kat, there was a fight that led to the Los Angeles Police Department getting called. Yet, Kat was gone by the time they got there. Also, she didn’t have very nice things to say about Holly during the live. That friendship might be over after this whole thing.

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