‘Big Brother’: Da’Vonne Evicted – Nicole to Blame?

Big Brother spoilers tease an almost definite end to Da’Vonne Rogers’ time in the BB22 house. While she’s faced the threat of eviction multiple times this season, tonight’s eviction is looking to be her last. Short of a miracle, Da’Vonne’s time in the game is about to be up and it might be the fault of her fellow houseguest Nicole Franzel.

In other news, Daniele Donato Briones has a power that expires tonight. It seems Dani plans on using it so that Memphis Garrett can play in the HoH.

Big Brother Spoilers: The Committee Targets Remaining Floaters

Since the beginning of the season, the majority alliance, The Committee, has been running the whole show. Memphis Garrett, Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Daniele Donato, Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott are members of the dominant Big Brother 22 alliance. Enzo Palumbo is almost an unofficial seventh member because he’s been following their lead.

Week after week, the Committee has been picking off the rest of the players. Once again, they are in power this week and HoH Memphis Garrett has nominated Kevin Campbell and Da’Vonne Rogers. Aside from David Alexander, they’re the only ones outside of the alliance that are still standing.

Originally, Memphis wanted to backdoor David, but Tyler won the Power of Veto and didn’t use it. So, Kevin and Da’Vonne are still on the Big Brother block and one of them will be going to the jury house tonight. And it looks like it will be Da’Vonne meeting Julie Chen on the outside.

Big Brother: Kevin Campbell - Da'Vonne Rogers


Nicole Franzel Lies to Da’Vonne Rogers About Eviction Vote

It could have gone either way this week. The Committee discussed the benefits of getting rid of either Da’Vonne Rogers or Kevin Campbell. Eventually, they had settled on evicting Da’Vonne because she poses a bigger threat to them in the Big Brother game. Plus, Da’Vonne’s spent the entire week angry at David Alexander for something she thought he did.

Big Brother: Nicole Franzle - Daniele Donato Briones

Ian Terry was the first Big Brother 22 houseguest to go to the jury house. Only three people voted to keep him. It was Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David. Yet, Nicole lied to Day and told her that she voted to keep Ian. Da’Vonne believed her and assumed that David was lying. She and David have gotten into several tense arguments about it since even though he’s completely innocent.

Adding fuel to the fire, there was yet another Big Brother fan yelling over the wall earlier this week. The wall yeller exposed Nicole Franzel for her lies and now Da’Vonne Rogers knows the truth. Day knows that Nicole betrayed her closest ally (Ian) and then lied about it. But what we really want to know is what Da’Vonne plans on doing about it? Will she confront Nicole before her time in the house is up?


Big Brother Spoilers: Dani Donato Using Her Power on Memphis?

The powers from the BB Basement Twist expire tonight. David Alexander used his to save himself last week. Yet, Christmas Abbott and Daniele Donato still have theirs. While Christmas doesn’t plan on using her “Blocker” power, Dani plans to use her “Replay” power to allow Memphis Garrett to play in tonight’s Head of Household competition. Typically, the outgoing HoH cannot play, but her power allows it to happen.

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