‘Big Brother 22’: Christmas Abbott Leaks ‘BB22’ Appearance – Will CBS Kick Her Out?

Big Brother 22 leaks straight from Christmas Abbott confirmed her appearance on BB22. The CrossFit trainer sent out an update too early to clients – and ruined the surprise. Now she could face removal from the season. Here’s how Christmas made a huge whoops and whether CBS will boot her from the All-Star season.

Big Brother 22: Christmas Abbott Reveals She’s a BB22 Houseguest

Christmas Abbot competed on Big Brother 19 and made it all the way to the final three with Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian despite a serious injury. Then, they evicted her in third place. But Christmas is more known for breaking her foot early on and scootering around the house for the rest of the Summer.

After leaving the Big Brother house, Christmas got pregnant and gave birth to her son Loyal. Recently, fans speculated she’d return for the show’s 22nd season as an All-Star. So, she’s been on a number of leaked cast lists in the past couple of days. Yet, now it’s confirmed. That’s because Christmas Abbott accidentally revealed she’ll be playing as a houseguest on the much-anticipated season,. That’s a pretty big whoopsie-daisy.

Big Brother 22; Christmas Abbott

Letter Leaked About BB22

Christmas Abbott is a competitive athlete who owns her own gym in Raleigh, North Carolina, called CrossFit Invoke. One of the Big Brother celeb’s employees must have sent out a newsletter too early. Now we know Christmas is going to be one of the contestants on BB22. She explained why she’s been keeping a “low profile” online and that’s because of her upcoming appearance on the show.

She says that this time she won’t be breaking her “foot in half” or “taking piggyback rides” from the other Big Brother 22 houseguests. According to Christmas, she’s going “all the way,” and she’ll be “unstoppable” on this season of the CBS hit reality show. But did this ill-timed message tank her chances of getting in the game?

Big Brother 22; Christmas Abbott

Big Brother 22: Christmas Sends Out Second Letter

After the initial announcement went out, Christmas Abbott’s employees sent out a second newsletter. It asked recipients not to share or post it on social media. It could result in CBS dropping her from the cast. Plus, they warned that production could kick her out for “disclosing her participation too early.”

Plus, they’re saying Chrismas is “pumped to play” for a second time. Sadly, this little mistake could end up costing Christmas her spot on BB22. Find out if Christmas Abbott remains part of the cast when the season premieres on August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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