Big Brother 17’s Meg Maley Engaged to Survivor’s Mike Holloway

Big Brother’s Meg Maley and Survivor champion Mike Holloway just shared some pretty amazing news. It looks there’ll be wedding bells for the two of them in the near future. Mike and Meg met through their connection to CBS and it blossomed into a relationship. Now they’re on the fast-track to marrying each other. So, how did it all happen?

Big Brother 17: Meg Maley’s Run – Mike Holloway Wins ‘Survivor’

Meg Maley didn’t play a huge game, instead preferring to stick to a quiet social game. While other Big Brother 17 houseguests were making themselves huge targets, Meg stayed in the background. She earned the nickname “Grandma Meg” due to the arthritis she said she suffered from. Unfortunately, she became Vanessa Rousso’s target when James Huling used the POV and got evicted.

On the other hand, Mike Holloway played a louder and more physical Survivor game on Worlds Apart. Despite becoming a big target, he managed to use his physical prowess to secure numerous immunity challenge wins. Eventually, he made it to the Final Tribal Council and his gameplay earned him the title of Sole Survivor in a 6-1-1 vote.

Big Brother: Survivor: Meg Maley - Mike Holloway

How Did The CBS Stars Meet?

Both Meg Maley & Mike Holloway competed on their respective shows Big Brother and Survivor in 2015. That’s how they met through the show’s production company CBS. They both happened to be at a charity event in Dallas, Texas. Their relationship began long distance because Meg lived in New York City and Mike lived back in Texas where they met.

But then they moved in together after some time with Meg making the transition to Texas. They even adopted a dog together named Wallace. Now they’ve taken the next step in their relationship and you’re going to want to see how Mike did it.

Big Brother: Survivor: Meg Maley - Mike Holloway

Survivor’s Mike Proposes – Big Brother Celeb Meg Says Yes

Meg Maley and Mike Holloway are engaged! Meg shared the amazing news this weekend that Mike finally popped the question after dating for five years. She says that Mike drove 23 hours to her hometown which is New Jersey and made sure that her whole family was there.

Then, he took them on a well-thought-out scavenger hunt and got down on one knee at the end. Many of her fellow BB alums have given their congratulations. James Huling, Da’Vonne Rogers, Natalie Negrotti, Nicole Franzel, Jessica Nickson. Elena Davies, Britney Haynes and so many more wished them well.

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