‘Beverly Hills 90210’: Source Blames Two Female Stars for Writers Quitting

The Beverly Hills 90210 reboot BH90210 is already making headlines with drama going on behind the scenes as multiple writers already quit the reboot. One source indicates two female stars as the cause for the upheaval of writers on the set of this Fox revival show

This rebooted series, titled BH90210, signed the original cast. It looks like Tori Spelling, Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green, Ian Ziering, and Shannen Doherty are back together filming the famous zip code drama. But there’s one original cast member who won’t be back and is sadly missed. That’s Luke Perry, who died suddenly back in March at age 52.

Beverly Hills 90210: Original Cast Filming Reboot

It’s been 19 years since this cast went their separate ways after the original Beverly Hills 90210 ended. So, if you’re wondering if a BH90210 reboot will survive today’s TV audience, wonder no more. It appears the teaser trailer for the new series blew up with 18.4 million viewers checking it out online. It seems a lot of people showed interest in this new Fox venture.

Beverly Hills 90210 previewed back in 1990 on the Fox network, the same network reviving the series for today’s television viewers. For 10 seasons it held one of the top spots on Fox. Furthermore, it was so popular it spawned a few spinoffs, including Melrose Place.

BH90210: Revival Drama Behind the Scenes

Beverly Hills 90210 offered plenty of prime time soapy goodness in the 1990s. While BH90210 offers more of this a few decades later, there’s also drama is both on and off the set, according to the latest reports. It looks like several of the show’s senior writers, including showrunner Patrick Sean Smith, have up and quit. While there’s no official word on why this happened, rumors emerge that offer a few reasons.

According to a new report, one source indicates the interference of two of the female co-stars of BH90210 is to blame. But that report falls short of mentioning names. Still, another source cites an executive on this project causing friction with the writers. It sounds like they’ve secured replacements for those who quit. With reports indicating Paul Sciarotta signed on as the new showrunner.

BH90210: New Show a Bit Different

Fox will debut BH90210 on August 7 with the first of their six-part series. But only time will tell how the new show will do among veteran Beverly Hills 90210 fans. It seems they’re also looking to a new generation of TV viewers today to add to the numbers. Although, veteran viewers might find this a bit different. This new version of the show doesn’t have the stars playing their characters from the show of yesteryear. It seems Fox changed things up a bit.

Still, it appears the gang remained in the upper tax bracket of the good life in Bev Hills. From fancy homes to the expensive sports car in the trailer, they look like they fared well through the past few decades. Instead of the old characters, previews say Tori, Shannon, Jennie, and the rest of the cast will play “heightened versions of themselves.”

Veteran fans of Beverly Hills 90210 made the show a weekly TV destination back in the 90s. It looks like Fox is banking on those fans plus an entirely new generation of prospective viewers to gravitate toward the reboot version – BH90210.

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