‘Below Deck’ Abbi Murphy Reveals She’s Happily Married – Text Message Proposal Stuck

Below Deck deck crew member Abbi Murphy struggled with the demands of working on the yacht Valor. As the only female deckhand, Abbi was called out for her long hair and mishaps with her radio. She comes from a sailing background and finds the yacht world challenging.

This season, she turned to her boyfriend Patrick for support and he responded by proposing via text message. Abbi said yes. And then gave notice she’d be leaving her deckhand job to go to her fiance in Greece.

Abbi Murphy Had Deckhand Duty Struggles on Below Deck

Abbi Murphy came to work on Valor from a background in sailing. Moreover, she worked with her now-husband Patrick sailing charters in Greece. The two kept things light because she was due to leave for the current season of Below Deck. Abbi joined bosun Pienaar, Tanner Sterback and Brian de Saint Pern on deck crew for season 7.

Early on, she struggled with the new challenges of working on a motor yacht versus a sailboat. On Below Deck, Captain Lee Rosbach was concerned that Abbi’s long hair could become a hazard. So, she was told to keep her hair up. Abbi also had problems using her radio. She stressed about the job and wondered whether she was cut out for yachting.

Abbi Murphy confided in the other crew members that she wasn’t really happy there. Bosun Ashton Pienaar worried when he heard she was struggling on Below Deck.

Abbi’s BF Patrick Proposes Via Text

After a bad day on the yacht Abbi reached out to her guy Patrick, who is a sailboat captain in Greece. The two worked together and later got romantic. Because Abbi left to work on the Below Deck seasonthe relationship remained casual. But when Abbi turned to Patrick, he told her he loved her. And he proposed via a text. So, Abbi said yes right away.

She quickly shared the news with the interior crew on the yacht. Including Chief Stew Kate Chastain and stews Courtney Skippon and Simone Mashile. The other women were skeptical of the mobile proposal – and even made some snide comments. Courtney said in a confessional her eyes were “rolling all the way off the boat”.

Abbi posted on Instagram about their wedding with an update that they’re happily married. And have been for eight months. On last night’s Below Deck, Abbi Murphy quit superyacht Valor. That left the crew short-handed with Tanner sick and unable to work. Of course, Abbi Murphy was certain she made the right decision for her. That was a while back when the episode taped.

Now, it looks from her Instagram like she’s certainly living her best life with husband Patrick. And working alongside him on a sailboat in Greece. Below Deck airs Monday nights at 9 PM on Bravo.

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