BBC Luther Spoilers: Who Is the Real Masked Killer?

On Luther last episode, DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) thought the masked serial killer he was chasing was dead at his own hand. But DS Catherine Halliday (Wunmi Mosaku) realizes that something doesn’t add up. She thinks the real killer is still out there.

This clever bait and switch left the coppers fumbling with the wrong conclusion for a moment. When you’ve got a highly intelligent sociopath on the loose, it causes problems. To be fair, Luther’s a bit off his game because a mob boss is out to kill him and serial killer girlfriend. Not a good week for the DCI.

James Hauser Is Not The Masked Killer

The fall guy for the rash of killings on Luther is James Hauser (Jami Reid-Quarrell). His psychiatrist, Dr Vivien Lake (Hermione Norris) set him up for murders he didn’t commit. With her intimate knowledge of James, it wasn’t very hard. It helps that his profile matched that of the real killer – as the well knew.

BBC Luther: James Hauser - Jami Reid Quarrell

And now, with poor James set up for the killings, now he’s yet another victim. Of course, he was no innocent himself as he had dark impulses. But he was no serial murderer. But he became the target of one and now he’s dead and serving as a red herring to DCI Luther and DS Halliday on the BBC show.

BBC Luther Spoilers: Who Is the Real Masked Killer?

WARNING: Spoiler Alert – stop reading now if you don’t want to know who’s the bad guy

So, the real masked killer that John Luther and the other cops are pursuing is Vivien’s husband, Dr Jeremy Lake (Enzo Cilenti). Jeremy is a heart surgeon with a passion for killing. As it turns out, his psychopathy is terrifying and he’s got a catalog of violent perversions he’s exploring tucked away in a safe at their frigid home

BBC Luther: Dr. Jeremy Lake - Enzo Cilenti

It’s revealed later in the season that Jeremy Lake has a fatal brain tumor that might be the cause of his sociopathic behavior. But one thing is certain, Vivien Lake covered up her husband’s killing spree. She also aided and abetted, even helping him kill to keep a spark in their marriage. She’s easily as bad as Jeremy.

Plus, she’s the one that set up her patient James to be brutally murdered by Jeremy while making it appear like suicide. You’ll also see scenes of her dousing her homicidal husband with ice water and disciplining him. Yet she’s not trying to get him to stop killing. She just wants him to be tidy about it.

What’s Different About Luther Season 5?

In the current season 5, Luther is not involved much in solving the crime. He leaves DS Catherine Halliday do the heavy lifting. John Luther is busy running all over London trying to keep his kidnapped friends from getting murdered by George Cornelius (Patrick Malahide). So, he’s not exactly processing crime scenes.

In the end, it’s Catherine Halliday that cracks the case and reports it back to Luther who shows up just in time for a hero moment. Unfortunately, you know what she gets for all her hard work?


Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) shoots DS Catherine Halliday in the head in a jealous rage.

Luther this season has a crime but it almost serves as a back drop to his personal crisis. In the end, almost everyone around him dies, he looks to be in bad shape. And, if there’s any justice at New Scotland Yard, season 6 (if there is one) will start with DCI John Luther behind bars.

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