‘Basketball Wives’: Tami Roman Sick? ‘Why So Skinny?’ Ask Fans after Dramatic Weight Loss Photos Appear

Tami Roman of Basketball Wives has worried viewers who have typed “Tami skinny” into Twitter. Fans are so worried about Tami’s recent thin appearance that they have taken screenshots like the one below. Tami’s weight has long been the subject of debate. Tami Roman once appeared on The Real World with her jaw wired shut in order to lose weight. Now her weight loss is the subject of much debate online.

Is Skinny Tami sick?

People who are tweeting about “skinny Tami” have done so after Tami appeared in her confessional looking bone thin. However, Tami alluded to health issues that she claims have made her drop a lot of weight. On Instagram, Tami wrote that diabetes is no joke, and that she didn’t lose the weight, but that she lost her willingness to die.

The Basketball Wives star wrote that folks calling her a “crackhead” for looking so skinny should just enjoy leaving negative comments. Tami claims she is living for her two daughters. Tami wrote that she suppresses her appetite and makes better food choices.


How did Tami Roman get skinny?

Evelyn Lozada had criticized the reality star on a recent episode, telling her that she looked sick. Evelyn said Tami had “chicken legs” and should take more vitamins. Previously, Tami Roman gave credit in 2012 to  supplements for her dropping the pounds. However, her change in appearance has Basketball Wives fans worried about the star.

Viewers assumed that Tami was getting skinny for her upcoming wedding. However, in the most recent episode of Basketball Wives, Tami claimed that she might not want to get married. She is worried about not being able to give Reggie Youngblood babies. Reggie says he will stay with Tami no matter what.

Fans stick by Basketball Wives star

In spite of her “Skinny Tami” drama, fans are sticking by Tami Roman. Those who have also had to make diet changes for their health are defending Tami. 

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