‘Basketball Wives’: Malaysia Pargo Throws Table at Jennifer Williams – End of Evelyn Lozada Friendship?

Basketball Wives showed Malaysia Pargo pick up a table and launch it at Jennifer Williams. Evelyn Lozada stood with her arms crossed around herself for protection. Jennifer Williams showed up in Amsterdam after Evelyn secretly invited Williams.

Basketball Wives: Malaysia Pargo Threw Table at Jennifer Williams

Shaunie O’Neal is at the center of the latest Basketball Wives drama. Whereby Teresa Giudice once famously flipped a table whilst yelling “prostitute whore,” and Evelyn once ran across a table, Malaysia Pargo might be the first housewife to heft one over her head. The melee came after Pargo asked Lozado if she wanted to know the dirt Jennifer Williams spewed about Evelyn.

Shaunie turned away. The Basketball Wives security tried to stop the table from landing on Jennifer Williams, as she stood nearby. She was in heels and a short flared skirt. Evelyn spoke about her friendship with Jennifer taking a hit, with Lozada agreeing to move forward. Meanwhile, Tami Roman stayed home from the Amsterdam trip.


Evelyn wants to smack Jennifer in “her f***ing face”

Evelyn has been pretty forgiving of Jennifer, who repeated a rumor about Lozada allegedly bedding Shaunie’s unnamed ex. Shaunie didn’t want her on the trip. But Malaysia reacted wildly to Jen showing up, with Malaysia begging, “Let me beat that b*(8# a**!”

Jennifer used Malaysia, according to Pargo, to try and take Evelyn down. In Amsterdam, everything boiled to a head without Tami there. Malaysia tweeted that it was only a matter of time before someone makes that “table toss blessing” a GIF. Pargo was angry that Jennifer seemed to blame the rumor on Tami. “Malaysia’s whole thing with me is it’s like you just keep getting madder and madder. But you’re getting mad at the wrong person,” Jennifer claimed.

Malaysia’s table toss ends a friendship?

Malaysia asked Evelyn if she wanted to hear the bad things Jennifer said. Pargo seemed upset that Evelyn wasn’t mad enough at her. With Tami “a million miles away,” Roman wasn’t there to defend herself. Basketball Wives fans have worried and wondered about Tami Roman’s weight loss.

Before the table-toss, Malaysia admonished Jennifer for not being able to look her in her face. Evelyn said that she agreed with Jennifer that they “were just going forward” during conversations they had months ago. Other scenes show Evelyn saying she wanted to slap Jennifer in the face, so it’s not clear if the friendship will survive.

Did Jennifer Williams talk about Evelyn’s daughter?

Prior to the episode and table fight airing, viewers don’t know what Jennifer said about Evelyn. Malaysia was so angry with her, however, that she felt used by a woman who viewed Shaunie as collateral damage. Twitter users are falling on either side of the fight. They blamed Evelyn for blocking Williams from the show for years.

Other viewers don’t blame Pargo for going after Williams with a table. Shaunie spoke about stamping out the violence or images displayed on the show. It gained backlash years ago, so it seems the violence has returned. Malaysia tweeted GIFs like the one below, showing a different woman throwing a huge table.

Kristen Scott tried to stop Malaysia Pargo

Kristen Scott tried to stop the table tossing. She is the wife of Thomas Scott – Byron Scott’s son – and a relative of Malaysia Pargo. She grabbed her as she picked up the table. Evelyn, Jennifer, and Shaunie stood to the side.

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