‘The Bachelorette’: Colton Underwood’s Virginity Confession Doesn’t Go Well with Becca Kufrin

The Bachelorette aired from the Bahamas where Becca Kufrin was with the remaining bachelors. The 28-year-old bachelorette picked her final four from the six men still competing for her affection. That meant two of them would be eliminated. Colton Underwood thought telling Becca his secret would be a deal breaker, and he would be eliminated.

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Colton Underwood’s hidden secret – he’s a virgin

Colton was the first one to get a date with Becca in the Bahamas. The other men knew Colton’s secret. They wondered if he would tell Becca. They also wondered how she would react. While on the date, Becca talked about how strong and romantic Colton was. Just as he was about to reveal his secret, a guide invited them to go diving for conch.

Becca admired how caring the former pro football player was when he helped her find and take back a conch to the ship. The guide showed them how to pull out the pistol and eat it. He called it the “Bahamian Viagra.” Both of them did eat it. Becca remarked that Colton didn’t need it. At the time, she didn’t know his secret.

Colton tells Becca his secret

After an enjoyable day, Colton insisted on revealing his secret. He appeared very nervous while talking about his past. However, he was very articulate as he shared something very personal.

He began by explaining that he had put his football career ahead of his personal life. He did not beat around the bush.  Instead, he came right out and told Becca that he is a virgin.  Then she asked to be excused from the table.

Becca Kufrin reacts to Colton’s secret

When Becca walked away and left her 26-year-old date sitting alone at the table, he thought the worst. When she returned moments later, they continued the conversation. She did ask him about his other relationships. He expressed that he has had only one serious relationship.

One has to wonder if production pulled her aside to do some damage control.  Colton Underwood is, after all, a former pro football player with a huge fan base.

Bachelorette fans take to social media

Bachelorette fans took to social media with their outrage because of her reaction.  Colton tried to take the heat off Becca with a tweet saying he didn’t feel disrespected.  And Rebecca replied saying she “just had to go to the bathroom.”

Becca gave Colton the first of the roses. That meant he is part of her final four. He will take her home to meet his family. The other three men selected include Garrett, Blake, and Jason. They will also take Becca to their hometowns. Leo and Wills were eliminated. Neither one of them handled it very well.

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