‘Bachelor’ News: Lauren Bushnell Says Ex Ben Higgins May Return Again as ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor news is coming out and Lauren Bushnell is talking about the rumors that Ben Higgins could get the job. Ben is a fan favorite and the idea of him handing out roses is something that everyone loves. Now, Lauren shares what she thinks about her ex maybe getting the job. So far, ABC hasn’t actually picked someone for The Bachelor and they can always change their mind up until the last minute. Ben Higgins would be a great choice for the next Bachelor, though!

Lauren Bushnell shares her thoughts

It turns out that Lauren Bushnell isn’t against the idea of Ben Higgins getting the job. She wants her ex to find love since things didn’t work out with her. She shared her thoughts with US Weekly.

“Um, I mean … I hold my tongue. No I’m just kidding! I hope he finds someone honestly, like, he’s such a good guy and he would make such a good husband. So no matter what avenue he wants to go about to find that, I’m supportive.”

After that, Lauren went on to share that she can’t imagine going through being on The Bachelor twice. If Ben Higgins does it again, hopefully, he will get his happy ending this time around. Ben and Lauren ended up engaged, filmed their own reality show, but then ended up splitting. Things just didn’t work out for the couple even though the fans loved them together.

Lauren Bushnell doesn’t feel like being scared is a reason to hold yourself back from doing something. She doesn’t think that Ben Higgins should use this as a reason to not do the show. But only time will tell if this is an opportunity he wants to take on again. So far, Ben Higgins is still single and looking for his perfect woman. The Bachelor could end up being the best way for him to find her.

A lot of couples from The Bachelor don’t end up making it, but sometimes they find love because of The Bachelor. This hasn’t happened for Ben Higgins just yet. But that is always another option. He could meet someone that was on the show or could end up finding love on a spin-off.

How is Lauren Bushnell doing now?

Lauren Bushnell has moved on and found love with someone that wasn’t on TV. She doesn’t have plans to do another reality show in the future either. Lauren is just enjoying her life. The reality star is dating Devin Antin and it looks like things worked out for her. She did share that Devin would be okay with her doing reality television again. It sounds like he supports her no matter what she is doing.

Now Lauren feels like she is better when the cameras aren’t around her. She is now getting used to life without being filmed and seems to enjoy it that way. Bushnell admits if she was asked before she filmed The Bachelor if she would do reality shows that she would have said no. Right now, she is saying no to reality TV, but if the right opportunity comes up then you just never know. She has done two shows now.

Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Reality TV spoilers and news. Right now, ABC is working on picking out a man for The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise is airing new episodes every Monday and Tuesday night on ABC.

Hopefully, this season of The Bachelor ends with another engagement or two.