‘Bachelor’ News: Cassie Randolph Reveals ABC Pushed Her to Lie About Job

The Bachelor news reveals a stunner about Cassie Randolph, the woman Colton Underwood reportedly chose. The Huntington Beach, California beauty dropped a bombshell on Instagram last night about ABC. She said that she was encouraged to “change” her job title that was listed (and is seen often) on the show’s banners and promotional materials.

The Bachelor News: Cassie Randolph Blames ABC for Misstated Job Title

Cassie seems to be one of many intelligent beauties vying for The Bachelor’s heart in S23. During the season premiere, the 23-year-old bachelorette is referred to as a speech pathologist. However, on Tuesday she corrected this and revealed she is actually a “speech therapy assistant”. That’s still a great accomplishment, but the difference is significant and critical.

Of course, Cassie was hit with criticism by those who believe she falsely claimed to be a speech pathologist. However, she explained on her Instagram that it was the network that asked to tweak her bio. ABC told her to shorten her job title to “avoid confusion” by viewers, said Cassie. But many The Bachelor watchers assumed she was fudging her professional credentials.

If you look in the slideshow below, you can see her statement plus her official bio from ABC’s press release. They list her as a speech pathologist but then mention in the detail section that she’s still pursuing her degree. You can see she’s labeled the same way in her intro video. But why wouldn’t ABC simply list her as a graduate student?

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The Truth About Cassie Randolph

Everyone that watches reality TV knows there’s a limit on how real it is. Depending on the network, show, and production company, the show can be very real or heavily scripted. Showrunners often influence what goes on when the cameras are rolling, control the clothes they can wear, and set up situations for conflict. Then there’s The Bachelor producers editing for drama.

Cassie Randolph said she was not intentionally misleading fans, but was “encouraged” to edit her bio. Cassie clarified that she’s in graduate school to get her Master’s so she can become a speech therapist. Ironically, her first day of school was the same day as The Bachelor premiere that showed her meeting The Bachelor Colton Underwood. Cassie graduates next year and says her goal is to run a private practice and work with children.

Fan Outrage Led to Cassie’s Statement

Cassie Randolph also told fans in her Insta confession that she knows the importance of honesty. She added that she “understands the impact” of changing a detail, even one that seems small. She made the clarifying statement, she said, so as not to misrepresent herself and said she didn’t want to minimize the effort it takes to be a full-fledged speech therapist.

Cassie said that fan comments on her misrepresentation “were valid” and says she gets it. Bachelor fans appear to react positively to her clearing things up. Plus, it’s believable that it was the network that asked her to alter her bio. ABC runs full background checks on all The Bachelor contestants and obviously knew she was still a student and assistant therapist. The network decides how contestants are labeled, not the ladies themselves.

The Bachelor Connection: Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood

On night one of The Bachelor season 23, Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph formed an immediate connection. She brought Colton a box of butterflies to symbolize her feeling butterflies for him. Colton appeared to love the introduction. He even saved one of the winged creatures, and placed it inside his suit jacket. How romantic!

Fun fact: Tia Booth from Bachelor in Paradise (Colton Underwood’s previous fling) is a physical therapist. Speech and physical therapists often work together to help patients. So it looks like Colton has a type!

During the cocktail party, Cassie and Colton maintained their connection. Though she didn’t earn the first impression rose, Colton was still interested. He gave Cassie Randolph a rose during the first ceremony. So those butterflies worked as it leaked before season 23 began that she was the one that won Colton’s heart.

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