‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: John Paul Jones Hits ‘Paradise’ in Tiny Speedo

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease John Paul Jones arriving in Paradise in a little blue speedo. For fans who watched Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette this is typical JPJ behavior. It’s probably part of what makes him so well-liked in Bachelor Nation. Chris Harrison himself praised John Paul Jones and looked happy to see him set foot on the beach.

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: John Paul Jones Doesn’t Disappoint

First impressions are everything in the franchise and Bachelor in Paradise is no different. But BIP fans shouldn’t be surprised about John Paul Jones hitting Paradise beach in a tiny blue speedo. He was witty and quirky during his run on The Bachelorette so it’s to be expected. His speedo barely covers his junk but JPJ pulls it off like a champ and Chris Harrison seems to think so too.

Chris greets JPJ with a smile and a laugh at his swimsuit. “John Paul Jones!” It’s said with fondness as they shake hands. “I expect nothing less.” The two haven’t seen each other since the Men Tell All. But Chris looks ecstatic to see him on Bachelor in Paradise and tells him so.

The ABC Show Was Made For JPJ

According to Chris Harrison himself, “I feel like Paradise, if it was made for anybody, it was made for you.” John Paul Jones thinks so too and tells the host that he’s happy to be there. JPJ is ready to hit the waves and meet some babes this season. Bachelor in Paradise is a little less serious than its counterparts.

There’s a little bit more fun involved, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less dramatic. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers show JPJ gets into a little tiff with another bachelor Derek Peth in one of the previews for the season. “Don’t insult my intelligence, Derek!” He shouts at the other man. The event even results in tears on John Paul Jones’ side.


Bachelor in Paradise: JPJ Is There For Whatever Comes His Way

In true JPJ fashion, the 24-year-old is ready for “whatever comes my way” according to the eligible bachelor himself. It might seem like JPJ is only there for a little surfing, but he’s also there for the ladies. One lucky lady could even become the future Mrs. John Paul Jones. Tune into the season premiere of BIP tonight at 8 on ABC.

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