‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoiler: Who Gets Engaged on Reunion?

Tonight at the end of Bachelor in Paradise they made it look like someone gets engaged next week on the big reunion show. There will be two episodes next week and that is the end of this season. Now, the fans want to know who gets engaged and what goes down. Reality Steve has the scoop as usual.

Is there an engagement on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

At the end of each season of Bachelor in Paradise, Neil Lane offers a diamond to anyone who wants to propose. Normally, one or two will pop the question. This season, there will be one couple who ends up engaged at the end of the season. That happens to be Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper.

As of right now, Jordan and Jenna are still together and going strong. This won’t be the proposal that looks like it happens on the reunion show, though. This one actually happened at the end of filming Bachelor in Paradise instead. That will end up airing next week, but not on the reunion show. This week viewers got five hours of the show and everyone is sad to hear it comes to an end next week. It seems too soon.

Does someone get engaged on the reunion?

According to Reality Steve, it turns out that nobody gets engaged at the reunion show. ABC did make it look that way, but it is actually just a good editing job. This clip did show Kevin Wendt, causing some speculation that it could be him getting engaged. It turns out that isn’t the case at all though.

Reality Steve said, “The clip at the end where they tease next week with someone “proposing” at the reunion is an editing trick. That was the clip from the Winter Games reunion where Benoit proposed to Clare, as you can clearly see Lesley Murphy in the shot.” If you pay attention, he is right about that one and you can see her. She wasn’t on Bachelor in Paradise so there is no reason at all she would be there. This really does prove that Steve is right about the clip. If someone did get engaged, somehow they kept it a secret from him which would be pretty surprising.

After that, Steve replied to someone making sure they understood that nobody gets engaged on the reunion show. It was just old footage and they pulled a trick, but it worked.

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