‘Bachelor in Paradise’ News: Tia Booth Defends Colton In Instagram Post

Tia Booth is defending Colton Underwood in a new Instagram post after someone asked about the Bachelor in Paradise guy being so bad. Colton came into the show unsure if he wanted to be with Tia or not. She made it pretty obvious the entire time she was waiting for him to show up. Once Colton arrived, Tia only had eyes for him. This week they finally made it official saying they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Tia’s new Instagram post

Tia Booth made a new post on Instagram that was basically bragging on her best friend Raven Gates. She came down to Mexico to go on a double date with her. Raven made sure that Colton knew that he better not hurt her friend.

In this new post, Tia says, “Get you a friend who comes all the way to Mexico to remind you of your worth, gurl!
Raven always has been (and always will be) the friend who initiates those difficult conversations because she truly values my happiness in life and love?‍♀️.” She doesn’t have anything to say about Colton in this post, but her followers had a lot to say about him.

Tia stands up for Colton

Kathryn Scheif spoke out saying, “I still don’t understand how Colton is such a bad guy.” Tia had to reply to this one and said: “he’s not!!” There were a lot of other comments about fan’s opinions on Colton but this was the one that Tia made sure to respond to and let them know how she felt. So is she defending her man? The fans are going to have to wait and see.

Regardless of if Tia Booth and Colton Underwood end up working out, Tia is making it clear that she doesn’t think he is a bad guy. They dated before he went on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. Then they ended up reuniting in Bachelor in Paradise. Now, everyone just really wants to know if they are still together or not. They have a very obvious strong attraction to each other.

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