‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Kristina Schulman and Blake Horstmann Dating Rumors Fly

Bachelor star Kristina Schulman and Bachelorette hunk Blake Horstmann are really heating up the dating rumors. A lot of BIP fans thought that Blake would be The Bachelor, but instead, Colton Underwood got the job. Now it does look like the show may have helped him to find love.

Bachelor in Paradise rumors about Kristina Schulman & Blake Horstmann

Kristina Schulman and Blake Horstmann are both people from the Bachelor franchises that the fans really want to see find love. Now, the rumors are that they did, but with each other. These two aren’t saying a word yet, but fans even say they have been seen together. According to Bustle, Kristina Schulman and Blake Horstmann were spotted at a baseball game in Denver, Colorado, which is where Blake lives. She also showed off a cup from Ratio Beerworks, which is also in Denver, Colorado, on her Instagram story.

These rumors have been going around for a little over a month, but the Bachelor in Paradise rumors are heating up now. If they are true, then these two won’t be coming to the show next summer to try and find love. They do follow each other on Instagram and Kristina even follows some of Blake’s family.

Kristina Schulman’s big Q&A with Bachelor in Paradise fans

Kristina recently went on her Instagram story and did a big Q&A with her Bachelor in Paradise fans. The big thing that everyone wanted to ask her about was Blake. So far, both Kristina and Blake aren’t admitting to anything. Kristina did notice that the fans were asking the same thing over and over, but she didn’t go as far as to answer them. If they weren’t dating, you would think that she would deny it.

Kristina can tell for sure that the fans want her date Blake. They are shipping this couple hardcore, but for now, everyone has to wait and see if more information comes out. On October 12, Blake did do an interview with Extra. They wanted to know who is crush from the show was and he even named Kristina Schulman. Blake said, “I think that would be Kristina Schulman probably.” Later he said he knew it would come up during the interview.

Blake even admitted that they hang out sometimes. He also wouldn’t admit if he wanted to be serious or not with her. Now, it is starting to look like things might be getting a bit more serious.

Several couples have met outside of Bachelor in Paradise, but it worked out for them. Bachelor Nation is one big happy family, so they end up at the same places all the time. Of course, a few relationships are going to come out of this since they see each other so much.

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