‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Christian Estrada Wants to Fight Jordan Kimball Again – Talks Lawsuit for Altercation

Bachelor in Paradise star Christian Estrada spilled all the behind the scene details of his fight with Jordan Kimball. In an interview with The Domenick Nati Show, he shared his feelings about the altercation and desire for a round two with Jordan. Christian also dished about the legal action his lawyers are taking against the responsible party, whether it be ABC or Jordan.

In other Bachelor in Paradise news, Christian revealed that he’s not dating 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson. He’s seeing a mystery Colombian actress currently starring in a Netflix show.

Bachelor in Paradise Update: Christian Estrada Blames Jordan Kimball For Ruining Chances For Love

According to his interview with The Domenick Nati Show, Christian Estrada never laid hands on Jordan Kimball. “Jordan Kimball didn’t act in self-defense. He’s the one who tried to body slam me”. The Bachelor in Paradise celeb said “there was no time where I actually put my hands on Jordan,. I tried to push him away”. He said people held him back before he could take any sort of action.

Christian Estrada accused Jordan of ruining his date with Nicole Alvar-Lopez for “no reason.” Not only that, but he claimed that the other Bachelor in Paradise contestant, “ruined my chances of meeting someone in Paradise.”

Christian Estrada Wants Re-Match With Jordan Kimball

It seems that there is plenty of love lost between Christian Estrada and Jordan Kimball. Well, they may have never liked one another to begin with. But Christian claims things won’t be all sunshine and rainbows at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show.

“If he tries to shake my hand, I’ll be honest I’m not gonna shake his hand until we go one-on-one.” Christian is reportedly looking for a round two, whether it be in a boxing ring or on the street. He’s confident that he could take Jordan in a fair fight that doesn’t include a pinata.

Legal Action For ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Altercation?

Although both men have been kicked off the Bachelor in Paradise island, there’s still a brewing legal battle coming for someone. Christian Estrada announced that he has the, “best lawyers in New York right now looking at the case.” So, he will be taking some kind of legal action in the aftermath of his fight with Jordan Kimball.

Yet, he doesn’t seem to know who his lawsuit will be targeting. All he could say on the matter was, “I don’t know if this is Jordan’s fault or this is ABC or whoever this is, but there’s gonna be consequences.”

Bachelor in Paradise: Christian Estrada Denies Ashley Martson Dating Rumors

Christian Estrada denied the recent rumors that he’s dating 90 Day Fiance alum Ashley Martson. In his own words, he said “We hung out a few times but she’s a good friend. She’s a good girl. Right now I’m not looking for a girlfriend.” But he did admit to having been hanging out with a Colombian Netflix actress. Christian wouldn’t provide a name but promised it would come out soon.

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