‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Carly Waddell Shows Off Post-Baby Body

Bachelor in Paradise star Carly Waddell shared a picture of herself showing off her post-baby body. Carly revealed that she, like the rest of us, has struggled with her body image, especially after giving birth. But she also learned how to love and appreciate the things life has given her. Now Carly’s encouraging others to do the same.

Bachelor in Paradise Update: Carly Waddell’s Cabbage Leaf Bra

After giving birth to her second baby, Charles Wolfe Bass, Carly Waddell explained her struggles with breastfeeding. Similarly to her and Evan Bass’ first child, Bella Bass, Charlie didn’t take to breast milk and did better on formula. So, the Bachelor in Paradise celeb made the decision to stop breastfeeding, despite feeling pressure to continue.

Carly Waddell posed for the camera with two cabbage leaves covering her breasts. But it wasn’t a new eco-friendly bra the Bachelor in Paradise alum was trying out. It’s actually a common treatment for swollen and painful breasts during lactation. Apparently, “XL cabbage leaves ain’t cheap,” according to husband Evan.

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Carly Shares Postpartum Body Update

In her latest Instagram post, Carly Waddell posted a picture of herself in only a bra and underwear holding baby Charlie. “I used to be soooooo worried about what my body looked like,” Carly said to her followers. She went on to explain how during her first season on Bachelor in Paradise she wore cover-ups because she was, “insecure about my curves”.

But, time and two kids have changed the way Carly Waddell looks at herself. “Now I look at my body with so much love and appreciation,” says Carly, who’s embracing the changes that her body will inevitably go through as she gets older. Mostly, because it shows that she’s living “that great mom life. I’m grateful for the rolls on my stomach right now and the stretch marks on my boobs”.

Bachelor in Paradise: She Encourages Fans to Love Themselves

Not only is Carly Waddell embracing herself, but she’s also urging her fans and followers to do the same for themselves. She’s telling other women to look in the mirror and give it a “high-five”. Because they’re, “doing great” and are “beautiful”.  What do you think of Carly’s attitude about her self-image and passion for encouraging others to embrace themselves, too?

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