‘Bachelor’ Contestant Demi Burnett Caught With ‘Big Brother’ Paulie Calafiore – Didn’t Win Colton’s Heart?

Bachelor contestant Demi Burnett surfaced in fan photos with Paulie Calafiore on Wednesday, January 2. Does that mean she didn’t get a final rose? Paulie is known for Big Brother 18 and MTV’s The Challenge: The Final Reckoning. The fan was waiting to see Broadway show Hamilton when she spotted Demi and Paulie. Initially, the celeb spotter assumed it was another reality TV star (Danielle Maltby). But she remained uncertain. Danielle is a Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alumnus. She is also Paul’s ex-girlfriend.

Bachelor Contestant Demi Burnett Denies Romance With Paulie Calafiore

Demi is denying any romantic involvement. BB18‘s Paulie Calafiore also denies it. The duo claims they are just friends. However, many fans beg to differ. Reality Steve is also skeptical. He doesn’t believe the duo are being honest. And since she’s on the new season of The Bachelor that starts this week, her being out with Paulie is very telling…

As for Paulie Calafiore, he has a track record of being in multiple relationships simultaneously. He dated Cara Maria Sorbello from The Challenge while still involved with Danielle Maltby. The stud became close with Cara during the filming of the show. The two grew fond of one another and became an item. So fans assumed the woman in the car was Danielle due to recent reports of Paulie reconnecting with her. But the woman in the car was Demi, not Danielle! Does this mean Demi won’t win Bachelor Colton Underwood’s heart?

Bachelor Babe Demi and Paulie Calafiore – Just Friends?

Demi Burnett and Paulie Calafiore refuse to acknowledge anything more than friendship. The Bachelor star states she contacted The Big Brother competitor for advice. She believes after sharing a kiss with Colton Underwood on episode one, she’ll be vilified. Paulie, who goes by Paul Calafiore now, has experience with being perceived negatively as well. He took heat for many misogynistic comments while on BB18.

Paulie Calafiore admits to being dishonest in the past. He also openly confesses to failing to stick with just one woman at a time. He’s tried (or so he claims), but was unsuccessful. He says he loves women and enjoys their company. So are Paulie and Demi an Item? Nobody knows for certain. Reality Steve tweeted, “And if he was just giving her “advice” you’d think a text, a call, or a voice message would do.”

Is Demi Burnett Photo a Bachelor Spoiler?

Is the nation jumping to conclusions? Possibly. But aside from their potential romantic affiliation, it looks weird for a Bachelor prospect to already be seen with another guy before the season even begins.

On the first episode of The Bachelor, Demi Burnett grabs Colton Underwood first at the cocktail party. She briefly introduces herself as a country girl from Texas that loves fishing and watching WWE. Apparently, she likes kissing as well.

The first group date on The Bachelor will include Demi. She and seven other women step up on stage and discuss a “first” they’ve had in life. The idea stems from it being the “first” group date. Other women on the date include Hannah G., Demi, Tracy, Nicole, Catherine, Onyeka, Bri, Elyse. The latter received the group date rose.

But if Demi Burnett is out and about with Paulie Calafiore, it sounds like the final rose didn’t fall to her. But maybe Paulie will give her one. The new season of the Bachelor airs on Monday, January 7. Colton Underwood will begin his quest for love with 30 different women. This season will be one for the history books! Stay tuned to see Demi Burnett as one of the women vying for his love.

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