‘Bachelor’ Contestant Cassie Randolph Stars in Reality Show ‘Young Once’ With Ex-Boyfriend

The Bachelor contestant Cassie Randolph starred previously in a reality show called Young Once before pursuing love with Colton Underwood. Apparently, The Bachelor isn’t the first time she’s revealed her private life on television. Young Once is a docu-series trailing college students at one of the nation’s most conservative schools, Biola University. The institution is known for its strict rules, and intolerance of certain behaviors. Alcohol, drugs, and sex are all prohibited.

The Bachelor Cassie Randolph on Other Reality Show

Bachelor beauty Cassie Randolph initially starred in season one of Just Once in 2016 with on-and-off boyfriend, Caelan Tiongson. He was the star of Biola’s basketball team.


Young Once with Cassie and Ex-Boyfriend Caelan Tiongson

The show started approximately four years ago. However, Cassie Randolph began filming this season of Young Once in late August through mid September last year. The Bachelor began filming on September 20, 2018. Season two of the ABC show updates viewers on the status of season one stars. Therefore, fans will receive an update regarding her and Caelan Tiongson.

It is apparent Caelan and Cassie parted ways from the trailer for the show. However, Caelan Tiongson is still interested in his ex. He definitely appears to be more into her than she is into him. She has obviously moved on. But her ex-beau may still harbor feelings.

The filming for Young Once and The Bachelor occur rather closely. There may be as little as one week between the two. That’s mighty close for a reality show based on finding true love (Colton Underwood).

The Bachelor Colton Underwood Chooses Cassie

According to Bachelor spoilers revealed by Reality Steve, Cassie Randolph is Colton Underwood’s final choice for love. However, the season ends rather abruptly with her returning home after Colton reveals he wants her. Colton Underwood ends up following her back to California. But the two agree to date only. An engagement is not part of this season.

With two reality shows under her belt, Cassie Randolph is no newbie to reality TV life. However, it appears the romantic affiliations with both shows are not overlapping. In season two of Young Once, we will learn more about Cassie’s life prior to The Bachelor and before Colton Underwood.

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