‘Antiques Roadshow’: Queen Elizabeth Sits Among Riches Watching Uncovered Treasures

Antiques Roadshow is a program you’d probably find Queen Elizabeth enjoying if you were a fly on the wall at her palace home. It’s a show that gets the viewers thinking and at the same time glancing around the house at their own possessions. It is a favorite on this side of the pond and it seems Antiques Roadshow is a favorite on the other side as well. Just ask the Queen.

Antiques Roadshow a Favorite of the Queen

Can you imagine the Queen watching all the hidden treasures being assessed on Antiques Roadshow? And at the same time, she’s sitting in her palace overflowing with antiques?

What might Queen Elizabeth find entertaining with this show that attaches value to everyday items? It is a safe bet to say she’s probably surrounded by more items worth their weight in gold than most people on this planet.

Does the thrill and the joy on the unsuspecting faces after learning their possessions are valuable spike her interest? Or is the Queen enjoying the show the way most viewers do? That would be waiting to see if something that pops up can also be found among their possessions.

Show’s Items Pale in Comparison to Palace Possessions?

Chances are Queen Elizabeth has much more valuable possessions surrounding her than what will ever appear on Antiques Roadshow. According to Bustle, the Queen enjoys other shows as well. The majority of her TV watching comes from the BBC.

If the Queen is not watching Antiques Roadshow, she is known for taking in a quiz show on BBC called Pointless. The matriarch of the Royal Family is also a Downtown Abbey fan. Now that a movie is in the works, The Daily Mail suggests the Queen will “be chuffed.”

Antiques Roadshow Just One of Many Shows

With the show The Crown being such a big draw many folks wonder if any of the Royals tune in. After all, it is fashioned around the Queen and her family from years back. As Bustle describes The Crown when it comes to Prince Charles, it “dramatized his childhood in gritty detail.”

The favorite shows of other members of the Royal Family have been revealed in the past. Prince William and Kate are die-hard Game of Thrones fans. When meeting one of the cast members, rumors have it that Kate and William even attempted to coax spoilers out of them.

According to Cheat Sheet, both Prince Harry and the Queen have Britain’s Got Talent on their TV sets each week.

Meghan Markle in Her Suits Role?

Prince Harry swears he never saw an episode of Suits before meeting Meghan Markle. It is probably safe to say after meeting the woman who would be his future wife, he scanned a few of episodes of Suits.

Prince Charles is a big fan of the show Poldark, which is the BBC’s biggest period drama. Bustle suggests that people will be surprised to hear the Prince fancies this program.

All these different shows watched by the Royal Family seems to prove only one thing, the Royals are pretty much like the rest of us. When it comes to TV, the members of an average family all have their favorite, but different shows, much like the Queen and her brood.

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