‘Animal Kingdom’ Spoilers: With Smurf Out Of Prison Heads Will Roll

Animal Kingdom gave fans plenty of clues to make the assumption that Smurf (Ellen Barkin) would be in prison for quite some time. Just when fans started to resolve themselves to this potential storyline… something happens. The Animal Kingdom script does an about-face sending Smurf on a forward march right out of prison.

On last night’s episode fans of the show saw J (Finn Cole) feeling his oats when he paid a visit to Smurf in jail. She blamed him for the black eye she was sporting. She told him that’s what happened when he didn’t return her calls but surprisingly, J put her in her place.

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Animal Kingdom had J Feeling His Oats

Jay reminded Smurf that he’s all she’s got and if he stops coming to see her… she’s dead. This was one of the rare moments when Smurf seemed to be at a  loss for words to bite back. She remained silent as he made his exit.

Smurf is scary. When the show first started it looked as if Pope (Shawn Hatosy) was the one to be fearful of. While he still is, his mother has upped the ante on Animal Kingdom scary! As Tuesday night’s episode waned down to a finish, Smurf was sprung from prison.

Smurf Emerges To Soon Put Everyone In There Place

Not in the way you might imagine, it was as legal as can be when the evidence didn’t carry enough weight to keep her there. Or at least this is what she believes is the reason for her sudden exit.

Did the Animal Kingdom Matriarch Kill Baz?

Unlike many other series, Animal Kingdom offers many climaxes per episodes in the various plots it has going on at any given time. Tuesday night Pope found out that a mom in prison ordered her son killed after he stole from her.

Lucy (Carolina Guerra) leads Pope to the people who hold this knowledge. Pope can’t digest the idea of Smurf killing Baz (Scott Speedman) but Lucy can and she is doing her best to make Pope see this suggests IBT. You get the feeling that while Pope is struggling with this revelation, he does believe it on some level.

Blood’s Thicker Than Water, But Money is Even Thicker Than That!

Lucy reminds Pope that Baz wasn’t blood and Smurf’s idea of life is nothing more than amassing a fortune in money. Baz got in the way of her doing that by cleaning her out and that is why he is dead Lucy tells Pope.

J got a visit from Nicky’s (Molly Gordon) father Paul (C. Thomas Howell) who demands his daughter’s belongings so he can take her back home with him. She is still in the hospital from that self-inflicted and accidental drug-induced gunshot in the leg.

J Moves Right Along in this Animal Kingdom

The bullet clipped a major artery and by the time Jay found her and dumped her at the ER entrance, she almost bled to death. Fans learn later on in the show that Mia’s “girl” at the hospital told her that after Nicky’s surgery, it looks as if she will recover.

The once very innocent appearing J moves right along. He doesn’t take any time to mope around about Nicky’s almost fatal gunshot wound or the fact that she’ll be leaving him. Instead, he goes on the hunt for Mia.

B-Movie Scene Rocks Mia

Mia looks up as J walks into the garage but he doesn’t answer her when she asks what he wants. J silently proceeds with a lovemaking session that’s more conducive for a B-movie script.

As Smurf makes her exit from prison, equipped with sunglasses and a gait of victory, her boys are carrying out a heist. They have Billy (Dennis O’Leary) with him, a man everyone seems to despise except Deran. He is an old lover of Smurf’s and he also happens to be Deran’s (Jake Weary) father.

Billy Infiltrates The Animal Kingdom and Deran’s Head

As MSN suggests Billy talks down to Deran and plants seeds in his head against his nephew J. Billy doesn’t seem to have any pride at all and he is leaching off his son. He wasted no time putting his hand out for money after just meeting Deran for the first time.

Billy joins Deran, Pope and Craig (Ben Robson) in a heist.  It appears only Deran is alright with him being there. It looks like Billy’s mysterious girlfriend is more of an asset than first thought. She has a massive skill set that seems to turn Craig on. They are seen kissing in one scene.

The last that fans see of Smurf for the night is when she slips into the backseat of Detective Pearce’s (Gil Birmingham) car. He offers her a ride home from the prison while holding open the front passenger door open for her.

Home James!

Smurf’s pride coupled with her devious ways prompts her to hop into the backseat instead. She seemed to enjoy making a chauffeur out of the detective. The same detective who had his sights set on putting her away for a very long time.

Heads are going to roll back at the Cody household when Smurf gets home. The boys are going to be sorry they didn’t help their mother or visit her in jail. Her grandson J stood up to her in jail just hours earlier so he has to have a place on her things-to-do-list. Heads will roll once Smurf saunters back into her house.

Animal Kingdom airs on TNT at 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights.

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