‘All My Children’: Susan Lucci Uses Health Scare To Warn Women Of Heart Disease Symptoms

All My Children star Susan Lucci faced a significant health scare when her doctor found that her heart’s main artery was almost completely blocked. Susan hopes to educate women that their symptoms of heart disease are very different from men.

All My Children Star Susan Lucci Has Serious Heart Condition

Susan Lucci, 72, is fit and active. She had none of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. She exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet. During her regular medical check-ups, she had normal electrocardiogram’s (EKG) and her blood pressure was normal.

Nonetheless, last fall Susan experienced chest tightness and shortness of breath. A trip to the emergency room indicated the All My Children star needed two stents to clear her blocked arteries. Susan told People Magazine “As a woman you think about breast cancer, not a heart attack”.

Heart Disease In Women – Susan Lucci Explains Symptoms

The All My Children actress, Susan Lucci, did not experience the symptoms commonly associated with a heart attack. She did not experience a tingling sensation or numbness in her arm or tightness in her jaw. Instead she felt a mild tightness in her chest that quickly went away. Roughly 10 days later, the pain returned to the AMC star but she thought she had fastened her bra too tightly.

On October 23, Susan experienced significant chest pain which lead to a CT scan that found a her heart’s main artery was over 90% blocked. She underwent emergency surgery to place two stents to restore sufficient blood flow. Known as the “Widow Maker” this condition has a high rate of death due to people not realizing the seriousness of their symptoms.

All My Children’s Susan Lucci Joins The American Heart Association In Spreading The Word

Susan Lucci is best known for her portrayal of Erica Kane. She appeared as the iconic character for 41 years on All My Children. Most recently, she was on Devious Maids, which aired on Lifetime for four seasons. Currently, Susan spends her time on her new line of Activewear, which launched on QVC in April of 2018.

The actress from All My Children, is hopeful her story will serve to help others. She wrote that she’s sharing her story because even it helps one person then she feels like she has saved a life.

Susan will walk in the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection in honor of all women who experience heart disease. The AHA states heart disease kills about 33% of U.S. women or approximately 400,000 per year.

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