‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah’s Bizarre Inventions and Brown Family Bath Time

Alaskan Bush People‘s new season starts Sunday and already the public can’t wait to see Noah Brown’s new inventions and Brown family bath night on Discovery Channel Season 6 debut. The Brown family make up this tribe who at one time lived in the Alaskan bush. But due to circumstances beyond their control, they’ve moved closer to civilization in the past few years.

Noah Brown – He’s a New Husband, New Father, But Same Old Inventor on Alaskan Bush People

They Alaskan Bush People are back and a few of the Brown children still have their idiosyncrasies, especially when it comes to hobbies. Where would the Brown brood be today without Noah Brown and his inventions?

This season he amazes his siblings with a hat that works double time as a bug zapper. He cut and fitted every last piece of the hat himself. He looks a little like Abe Lincoln standing there in his top hat. But when he pushes a button he flips his lid and out comes the bug zapper.

It works, as you can hear the bugs get electrocuted on the preview video below. Although Noah Brown and his brother’s words of enthusiasm almost drown out the sound, it’s there.

Noah is On His Game This Season

It looks like Noah Brown invented a new exercise as well for this season. Not only does he share this with the viewers at home but he’s attempting to impress his wife, Rhain Brown as well.

He calls this new exercise “monster pushups” and claims the movements of this special pushup are his own invention. The motion involves going all the way down, thrusting yourself into the air so that even your feet aren’t touching. Then he claps while still in mid-air. He prides himself at his ability to do a set of 20 at a time.

Noah Brown Too Far Off the Grid?

Now that he’s married and is the proud dad of the first Brown grandchild he’s on a mission. Noah Brown tells the Alaskan Bush People cameras – he knows all women like a man with muscles. So it’s his muscles he’s working on.

He also said, “I want to be a monster. I want to be a beast because only a beast can protect this family”. It almost sounds as if he’s gone too far back to the simpler times  – back to the days when cavemen roamed the earth.

Alaskan Bush People Return: Imitation of the Wild?

Still, they entertain their fans on this reality show by living off the grid (if only when the cameras roll). With Ami Brown’s health problems, the Alaska wild was just too far off the grid. So they found a piece of rural land in Washington State, where they built a second Browntown-esque city.

Instead of an ax and a shovel for tools, the Alaskan Bush People now have backhoes and power tools to get the job done. While they’ve upped their game in the tool department, Billy Brown and Ami Brown’s large brood hasn’t changed too much since their days in Alaska.

Alaskan Bush People Share a Bath?

At one point the Brown boys are seen in what looks a giant bathtub made of wood. It looks like they’re having a family bath, but it’s probably another one of their homemade hot tubs.

Get out the popcorn and tune in for another wild ride with Browns on the Discovery Channel.

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