‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah Brown’s Wife Rhain Spends Thousands on Him – New Season Twist?

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown looks like he’s roughing it but after receiving a gift worth thousands of dollars from his bride Rhain Alisha Brown, one has to wonder. .

It looks like Noah is living off the land with a twist. Maybe the Alaskan Bush People and their self-sustaining world are not so self-sustaining? Who knows, maybe Rhain Brown is secretly independently wealthy?

Alaskan Bush People: Is Noah Brown’s Wife Rhain Alisha Brown Independently Wealthy?

Gone are the days of homemade tools the Alaskan Bush People siblings concocted. While they still do some junkyard shopping, they buy items for a lot more money than they once did. Like those two water tanks for $500.

Now Noah Brown rides around in a backhoe tractor, gifted to him by his wife Rhain. Fans got to see the piece of heavy machinery on the last episode of Alaskan Bush People. But Rhain never mentioned the price.

Still, Noah’s green tractor has the number 460 on the side. So a quick look at new and used backhoe tractors of this size online shows they carry a hefty price tag. The price range is vast.

It all depends upon the age and condition of the machinery when it comes to the cost. But a tractor like Noah Brown’s can go for more than $20,000 used. Rhain Brown did say the tractor is used and not brand new.

It looks as if it may be a John Deere tractor with a front scoop and backhoe. It seems the number 460 appears in the same place on a John Deere backhoe as it does on the one owned by the Alaskan Bush People brother.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown - Gabe Brown

Brand Name Blurry – But No Toy Tractor

The name John Deere doesn’t appear on Noah Brown’s equipment, but the iconic green and yellow show it’s defiantly a John Deere tractor loader backhoe. The name John Deere has been blurred out for the cameras.

Whether the tractor is new or used, it’s not a cheap gift. Rhain Brown purchased the extravagant gift for Noah Brown. She wanted to celebrate his first Father’s Day in a big way. So she gave her Alaskan Bush People husband a big boy’s toy.

It looks like Rhain succeeded in that overboard celebration. Noah Brown seems to feel like the king of the mountain operating his new toy. Unless Rhain got the bargain of the century, this tractor-backhoe was not a cheap gift.

Using that money for a new toy for her husband allowed Noah to pipe running water into their tent. But why didn’t Rhain and Noah Brown get a solid and more up-to-date home nearby the mountain? Is it the great outdoors or keeping their gig with the Discovery Channel driving this bus?

Alaskan Bush People: Rustic Went Out the Window

After a few new Alaskan Bush People episodes played out for this season, it’s easy to see rustic living isn’t a necessity. It’s probably a thing of the past once the show rosv. Sure the Brown wolf pack still roams around the woods. But it looks as if they don’t have to.

Yes, Noah Brown and his little family will move into his glorified MASH tent. But they probably don’t have to do that either. Most folks would agree if they had enough money to drop for this new toy for Noah, they could probably afford living in suburbia.

Still, would people tune in if Noah and Rhain along with the rest of the Alaskan Bush People tribe lived in a house with four walls and a front lawn?

How many would watch if Noah tinkered with a store-bought lawnmower? Or tune in to see Rhain pick out bath salts for her sunken tub? Probably not. So if the Alaskan Bush People want to entice viewers they have to act like the wilderness bunch.

In case you haven’t watched the new episodes of the latest Alaskan Bush People season yet, don’t look for them on Sunday. The show now airs Wednesday nights instead of their previous Sunday night time slot. The new season of the reality show is already underway. So tune in on Wednesday for the new episodes offered at 8 pm EST.

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