‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah’s Baby Inventions Will Curl Your Toes as New Season Starts

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown puts on his inventor hat for the new season in an attempt to make his baby’s life even more streamlined. A couple of Noah Brown’s ideas in this new season caused red flags to pop for some of the show’s viewers.

Once the Discovery Channel offered a few spoilers for Season 10, veteran Alaskan Bush People followers remember back to some of Noah’s other inventions  For the new season, Noah Brown designs his new contraptions to make life easier and more comfortable for both baby and his wife Rhain Alisha.

While they sound good on paper, will they prove useful? But most of all, the Alaskan Bush People viewers worry about the safety of these inventions.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown Hones In on Baby Inventions

Don’t forget, the Alaskan Bush People live off-grid. So Noah Brown needs to make concessions for the lack of modern-day amenities that are wired and piped into most homes. From what the Discovery Channel indicates, Noah’s got quite a few different ideas up his sleeve.

The network describes Noah Brown and his handiwork in the news release that announced Alaskan Bush People Season 10.  This includes:  “Noah’s resourcefulness is called upon as he works hard to create practical innovations for his new son including a self-warming baby bath, a power-tool driven baby rocker, and a castle house.”

One media outlet suggests his inventions are either “fake” or “don’t work.” For that reason they expect fans to breath easier when hearing things like “self-warming baby bath”. Noah tends to take his inventions to the extreme. So some fans worry about the temperature of that bath and it’s the ability to self-warm.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown

Baby Rocker on Steriods – Power Tool Driven?

Noah seems to have the uncanny knack of redesigning power tools to do something other than their original use. On a few occasions, this looked dangerous, like the time he strapped a chainsaw to his arm. This allowed him to cut heavy brush with just a quick sweep of his arm. But fans worried about a fall or stumble with that power saw duct-taped in place.

So when Alaskan Bush People announced the new season with Noah using a power tool to drive a baby rocker, eyebrows raised. No doubt about it, visions of a baby rocker on steroids danced through the minds of many.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Taking It to the Extreme

Besides building a self-sustaining off-grid compound for the entire Brown brood, Noah is busy making life easier with inventions. Die-hard viewers of the Alaskan Bush People have been privy to his inventions in the past. One of his most recent – the bug zapper hat. Or “Zapper Hat” as Noah deems his new invention.

He took a top hat and designed it so he could pop it up when he felt the presence of flying insects, like mosquitoes. The hat enticed the bugs to fly into the device with a light. Once the insects hit the hat, it electrocuted the bugs on contact. This top hat was far from a fashion statement, but it seemed to work.

But like any dedicated inventer, the trials and tribulations of developing a new invention come with some degree of disappointment until they get it right. In Noah’s case, he experienced more pain than he did disappointment. Watch this Alaskan Bush People son jump in the video below when that bug-zapping hat zaps him.

Noted for Odd Brown Family Accent

Fans recognize Noah Brown for other things as well, such as his odd accent. The Brown family developed an accent to the English language that’s all their own. This is supposedly the result of living far away from society in their Alaskan home for decades.

While all the Brown clan members seem to speak with some degree of this accent, It sounds like Noah developed an extreme version of that dialect. Taking it to the extreme is what Noah Brown tends to do.

So expect to be wowed while watching Season 10 with his exciting inventions for a baby. Now the new father has another line of contraptions to work on, well the sky’s the limit.

On a side note: for those confused if this is Season 10 or the midseason of Season 9 – you are not alone. The Discovery Channel started out calling this a midseason premiere or Season 9.5. But they now have Season 10 on their Alaskan Bush People page. Whatever you want to call it, the new episodes roll out next week.

Alaskan Bush People return with a new season on Sunday, August 4 at 9 pm local time on the Discovery Channel.

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