‘Alaskan Bush People’ Love Lives Not As Stunted As They Seem On Screen?

The Alaskan Bush People show consists of a mom, pop, and siblings but the real meat of the reality series is fashioned around the several child-like adult brothers. These grown men are often seen swinging from trees and howling at the moon. While a girlfriend or two has popped up for these guys, the Brown boys seem more infatuated with frolicking in the Alaskan bush than they do with women.

Potential partners in life seem to have been few and far between for these men who live in the Alaskan Bush. A couple of the wolf pack have been rumored to settle down with women of their very own. Not much has been seen on the screen regarding the boys being part of a couple. Some of the Brown brothers still appear to struggle when it comes to finding love. But do they really?

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The Brown brothers, who are in their 20s and 30s, act very immature on the show but are they like this in real life?. On camera, they don’t hold down jobs but they create things with discarded junk. It is more like watching kids at play when they come up with their bizarre inventions. According to the Discovery Channel, Matt Brown, the eldest Brown child, broke his first tooth chewing on a beaver rib. Yes, backwoods people for sure!

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Girls Don’t Flock To Alaskan Bush People Boys On Camera

The Alaskan Bush People male siblings are like their own special breed of backwoods men. After seeing them in action it wasn’t hard to understand why the girls were not flocking to them.

It is hard to tease out just how much of the Brown boys’ real life we are seeing as opposed to what is scripted to add some pizzaz to the show. Rumors have emerged in the past suggesting these boys are dating, engaged and even married off camera.

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Rumors of the Brown Boys Engagement, Marriage, and Even Kids

One behind-the-scenes rumor had Matt not only married but with a tiny wolf pack of his own. While there were kids involved in one of his relationships, they weren’t his. That rumor was squashed after it was learned the kids were those of his girlfriend at the time, who is now his ex.

According In Touch, while some of the Brown boys seem just fine without girlfriends on camera, off camera a different story unfolds. Maybe they don’t howl at the moon too much in real life? No, probably not, as that might be a turn-off for any potential partner. There are girls in the brothers’ lives but they are just not part of the show for some reason.

Does Alaskan Bush People Show Fall Short On Reality?

While the reality show seems to reveal this family’s personal life, it really doesn’t show it all, suggests In Touch. It was Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown who fell for one of the show’s producers and he finally revealed the relationship after a year of dating.

Gabe Brown’s announcement about finding love came via online picture he posted. The photo showed only two sets of hands. One set was his and the other set belonged to his girlfriend, Raquel Rose. Baby sister Rain posted a picture of Gabe and his girlfriend kissing on Valentine’s Day. This was about all the fans have seen of the love lives of the Brown brothers.

What Would the Girls do on Camera?

So far the girls who have captured the hearts of these men behind the scenes don’t appear on camera for any time at all, if at all. Is there a reason the Brown boys love lives are not part of the show?

Maybe the producers wouldn’t know where to put the ladies who are the object of the wolf pack members’ affection. With the boys literally swinging from tree to tree and playing with discarded junk like baby versions of Einsteins, what would the girls be doing? Standing on the sidelines oogling their men with amazement and passion wouldn’t fit into Browntown’s surroundings.

Alaskan Bush People All Under Billy Brown’s Watchful Eye

There’s not much room on that porch where papa Billy stands to watch the antics. The porch is not the place to add a sideline of potential mates for the backwoods siblings. Although it would add a domestic touch to the Alaskan bush if the boy’s girlfriends sat and put a quilt together with Ami, the matriarch of the Browns.  It seems that the boys who appear to have rather stunted libidos on air are doing fine once the cameras stop.

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