‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe Brown and Snowbird Flee with Producers as Gunfire Rings Out

Alaskan Bush People stars Gabe Brown and Snowbird Brown are caught in a real dangerous situation as gunfire goes off nearby. The producer and crew from this Discovery Channel series are with them during this incident. They deal with this on the new episode of this Discovery Channel reality series.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown and Sister Snowbird Brown Hear Unknown Gunfire

The previews indicate just how scary things get when shots ring out. Without a nearby shelter to run to when the sound comes too close for comfort they feel vulnerable. The producer asks Gabe and Snowbird if the gunshots could be coming from one of his siblings.

Gabe is adamant that they wouldn’t be shooting nearby. Especially as they know their group is out there. This brings a bit of urgency to the crew filming the Alaskan Bush People. Gabe, Snowbird, and the crew high-tail it to safety.

The two siblings from Alaskan Bush People believe the shots came from a hunter.  Never the less, it’s still worrisome. The people that hunt around the area are very friendly. There are no worries that anyone would shoot at them on purpose.

Alaskan Bush People Family Picture

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

But you never know where the bullets will go. The hunters are unaware that the group is out there making it dangerous. So while no one is after these folks out in the wild, the worry is the hunters might not seem them.

But the Alaskan Bush People crew and the two stars pack up and leave to be on the safe side. Now that they divert the potential danger, there’s work to be done.

The family is still in high-gear attempting to get their homes built. Signs of winter already pop up. This means the bitter weather will engulf the mountain before too long.

The Alaskan Bush People live on North Star Ranch. It’s modern in comparison to what their bush dwellings offered for facilities. The family’s original Discovery Channel home offered nothing but hard work. Just to get as much as a glass of water took some effort.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People: There’s No Place Like Home

Snowbird Brown and her brother, Gabe Brown, join their family after their concern over the unknown gunshots is over. It appears the Alaskan Bush People filming crew also joins Snowbird unscathed as well.

The main concern for the entire family is their homes. They need to have them done before winter arrives. They already deal with the frozen ground as they dig the foundation for one place.

The highlight of the homes going up is the Brown “mansion” as the Alaskan Bush People patriarch calls it. Billy Brown said it’s not a huge house for the suburbs. But in comparison to how they lived in the bush, the place is big.

Gabe Brown, his wife, and baby son will join Noah Brown and his little family of three in that big home. It will also house Billy and Ami Brown when it is complete. Snowbird Brown, like the rest of her siblings, will have their own homes on the mountain.

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