‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Grim News Changes Family’s Future in Season Finale

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown gets the unexpected news that changes the course of the future and brings sadness to the season finale. This news not only makes their future plans suddenly look grim but it also looks like there’s no hope to fix it. The previews for Wednesday night’s show indicate moods darken for the entire family as Billy Brown spreads this news.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Offers Sad Interruption

The interruption in Billy Brown’s future plans looks serious. Whatever this news entails, he tells Ami Brown that he needs to tell the kids the truth. The preview is fleeting but from what Billy tells the kids, it sounds like there’s little hope. Next, he tells his family, “they can’t fix it”. Ami then adds, “it will not get better”. So, it appears some devastating news hits Alaskan Bush People on Wednesday night’s season finale.

It’s not known who Billy Brown refers to as “they”. But maybe “they” are doctors? The behaviors of the kids who hear this news offer a hint. It looks like this involves something medical for one of the parents from the Alaskan Bush People. But after what both Ami and Billy Brown have gone through with their health in the past, that’s the first thing to cross the mind.

Snowbird Brown and Rain Brown show up in a scene and they ask their parents “do they know why it’s back”? It sounds as if this news is medical and something they’ve been through before. So, while it seems serious enough to change the course of the Alaskan Bush People future, you still don’t know what’s been edited out.

Sudden Change in Plans for the Show?

The Alaskan Bush People air the season finale Wednesday night. But that’s not how the season was originally planned out, according to Xfinity. Episode 9 of Season 11 roles out as the season finale. But the series lists 12 episodes for Season 11.

So, it looks as if they plan to stop short of their original plans. Was this news so devastating that they needed to end the season early? Or is the ratings driving a shorter than planned season? On January 15, a little over 1.8 million tuned in to the Discovery channel to watch Alaskan Bush People.

But on January 22, last Wednesday, only a little over 1.5 viewers showed up. This dropped the show down a bit on the list of ratings. This news that Billy Brown is about to share sounds awful. But did the ratings have something to do with the timing of Billy sharing it?

Alaskan Bush People: New Episode Not All Gloom

So, it sounds as if Billy Brown shares sadness with the Alaskan Bush People fans. But it looks like Bear offers some over the top entertainment. Fans already know what Bear asks Raiven Adams when he gets down on one knee on the show’s finale episode. They also know it’s a short-lived engagement.

While those folks who follow the Discovery Channel show know that Bear and Raiven are kaputt, they also know she’s pregnant. The Bear-Raiven saga played out on social media for months. This happened in between the last season and this season.

Since the fans already know where Bear’s whirlwind love affair ends up, it might be interesting to see what happened. Fans will watch as Bear woos Raiven on the show. But for sure, the armchair sleuths in the Alaskan Bush People audience will watch. If for nothing else, they’ll attempt to spot hints and clues as to what really went wrong.

Tune into Alaskan Bush People Season 11 finale that airs Wednesday night on the Discovery Channel at 8 pm EST.

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