‘Alaskan Bush People’: Fans Worry Billy Brown’s Illness Ended Show? Clues Surface

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown ended the season last week with some grim news about his health that caused fans to worry. Of course, the first thing that caused the fans’ concern was Billy himself.

His prognosis was dismal, he’s not going to recuperate from this. But some of the Alaskan Bush People viewers also thought this diagnosis might mean the end of the Discovery Channel show.

Billy told his kids on the season’s finale about his diagnosis of a serious illness. He also passed along that doctors can’t do anything medically to fix it. Ami Brown told their Alaskan Bush People offspring that their dad will not get better.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Drops Bombshell – Stuns Fans

This surprised and somewhat shocked Alaskan Bush People fans once they found out the recent developments with Billy’s health. Especially since the Discover Channel waited to reveal this to fans on the very last episode of the season.

With Billy Brown’s prognosis so grim, will the family return for another season? That’s the question floating around social media sites today.

While nothing official came down from the Discovery Channel about a cancellation or renewal of the show, some clues popped up in real-time. Don’t forget the Alaskan Bush People episodes you just watched were filmed last year. So the family kept Billy’s illness under wraps for some time now.

Show’s Future In Question

For over a decade Billy battled illnesses including problems with his lungs. Alaskan Bush People followers watched a couple of times as Billy Brown battled a health crisis.

But now Billy finds out his heart works at a diminished capacity, which caused other organs to flare up with problems. So, the head of the Alaskan Bush People family struggles to do things that once came easy for him.

Cancellation due to Billy’s illness wouldn’t surprise many of the viewers. But it would sadden some of the die-hard fans of the Alaskan Bush People. The doctors suggested Billy Brown move out of the trailer he shares with Ami and off the mountain.

They suggest a traditional house would make him more comfortable. But Billy thinks that would not prolong his life. He feels if he has any chance to live comfortably it would have to be on the mountain surrounded by his Alaskan Bush People tribe.

So the Alaskan Bush People patriarch opted to go against medical advice and stay put on the North Star Ranch. This is where he intends to live out his dying days. But with a few changes made first to accommodate his needs.

Billy Brown asked his two married sons to build one big home where he and Ami could live. But he also wants this big house to have two other sections as well. One for each of the sons and their new little Alaskan Bush People families.

Noah Brown and Gabe Brown agreed to give up building their own individual homes on the mountain. They now plan to build the home Billy Brown wants and move into the house as well with their families.

Alaskan Bush People: This Won’t Stop Leader of the Wolfpack

So it looks like Billy Brown prepares for another season as he makes arrangements with his family to stay on the mountain. But other hints surfaced even after the Alaskan Bush People finished filming this last season.

First, Matt Brown came back to the mountain after Billy Brown fired him from the show. Billy booted his eldest son because he was unreliable. That was back before Matt sought addiction treatment that seemed to work. But he did and he is still sober today with over a year into his sobriety, according to reports.

Next came Raiven Adams. When her pregnancy with Bear Brown was revealed on social media in real-time people had questions. One of those questions had to do with Bear Brown and Raiven’s baby son once he is born.

Fans wanted to know if Raiven intended on filming with her baby. She said yes, that their baby will be on the show.

Even though Bear and Raiven split, she still filmed with Bear for about a month and a half on Alaskan Bush People. So maybe she was privy to another season in the works. That would explain why she seemed so sure that her baby would appear on the Discovery Channel reality show.

Clues Pop Up On Show And In Real-Time

These clues come from Billy making plans on the last episode to build his home on the mountain. Hints also emerged after the last season filmed. By this time the family knew about Billy Brown’s diagnosis and they lived with it for a while.

So, Billy Brown making arrangements for a new home to stay on the mountain sounds positive. Then reports put Matt coming back for the next season. To top it off, Raiven shared how she expects their baby to join in on the show. So, it sounds like unofficially a new season is on the drawing board.

Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts shouldn’t get too discouraged if nothing is said any time soon about the show’s future. The Discovery Channel is known to take its time to announce a cancellation or the renewal of a show.

For the last season, they didn’t announce the premiere date until about a month before they rolled out the season’s first episode. So, hang in there. It looks like there’s a chance that Billy Brown and his Alaskan Bush People clan will make it back to the screen once again.

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