‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Swings from Lower Trees as a Lot Rides on Raiven?

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown, with Raiven Adams by his side, appears to be the saving grace of the family’s Discovery Channel show. No official word of another season is heard yet from the head honchos at the network. But Bear confirms another season will roll out sometime in the spring.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Takes It Down a Few Notches?

It seems Bear Brown’s complete turnaround sparked more interest in the Alaskan Bush People show. Many follow the first-time dad and his girlfriend as they demonstrate their parenting style in photos for fans.

While the Alaskan Bush People’s new father likes to fancy himself as going to extremes, things seemed to change. It appears Bear may be swinging from lower trees today as well as not living on the edge with his baby boy in his arms.

Fans compliment Bear Brown when it comes to the attention and care he shows towards his son, River Brown. He had a rough go of it when this Alaskan Bush People son suffered a horrendous breakup with Raiven. A lot of she said-he-said stuff went on with him and Raiven Brown.

Both he and Raiven made a public spectacle of themselves by trading stunning accusations during their split. But that’s water under the Alaskan Bush People bridge today.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - River Brown - Raiven Adams

Baby River & Raiven Adams Makes Three

Alaskan Bush People has endured a ton of changes since first airing on the Discovery network. Billy and Ami Brown remained in their spots as the patriarch and matriarch of this family. But one of their kids slowly emerged as a fan favorite. That’s Matt Brown, the oldest offspring.

However, Matt’s life was riddled with problems from addiction to trouble with the law. So needless to say, he’s no longer on the family show. With both Ami and husband Billy battling serious illnesses over the past several seasons, they make minimal appearances on Alaskan Bush People.

With the fan-favorite son gone and mom and pop not doing much these days, the show needed another angle. It looks as if Bear Brown gave them that. Now that he’s back with Raiven and their baby, this little family entices the fans.

Alaskan Bush People: River Brown - Raiven Adams

Alaskan Bush People: Will Bear & Raiven Adams Save the Show?

From all the latest news, this young Alaskan Bush People couple is happy. Bear Brown recently hinted at a wedding, which perked up viewers’ ears. So, it looks like a big event just might unfold for the couple when the new season rolls around.

A Bear and Raiven storyline will bring in the viewers. But this is a lot to fall on the shoulders of Raiven Adams. If she decided this life wasn’t for her and took off with River again, the family would be in a bad spot.

Watching Gabe Brown concoct his inventions can add to the fans’ amusement. But he couldn’t carry the show with his strap-on power saw or bug-zapper hat. The same goes for the rest of the siblings. They’re interesting to watch – but they can’t hold up the entire show.

In comes Bear Brown, who seems to act as Alaskan Bush People spokesperson today. After Billy got sick, that job seemed to fall to Matt. But with Matt gone, it’s Bear who seemed to pick it up the slack.

When it boils down to it, the cards fall to Raiven Adams. So, if she sticks around the show might have a chance of survival. If Raiven were to take off packing again, well this could mean the demise of their show. So, it sounds like this happy couple’s probable marriage seals the deal in love and prosperity as well.

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