‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Son Stunned by Mom and Dad’s Lip Lock? [Pic]

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown appears back on track as this wilderness man looks one step closer today to becoming a family of three. Bear Brown and Raiven Adams hold their son, baby River in a new photo. Bear’s latest post confirms that River’s mom and dad are revisiting their relationship.

Alaskan Bush People: Son of Bear Brown – River’s Expression Tells the Story

No one could look more stunned at this new development than their own baby son. They captured this adorable tot in a photo with a facial expression that seems to tell the story. So, it seems like Raiven Adams and Bear Brown surprised the newest member of the Alaskan Bush People, their baby son.

Bear Brown is racking up the comments on his new post today. He’s pictured in a lip-lock with his baby’s mom, Raiven. While this makes a nice photo of the couple in an embrace, there’s more. It seems the viewers’ eyes can’t help but gravitate towards River.

Most would agree that this little guy’s expression makes this photo priceless. The 7-month-old tot looks partly surprised and also somewhat bewildered at his Alaskan Bush People celeb parents. His expression is so innocent as he gazes up at his mother and father.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Adams - Baby River

Now Comes the Hard Part

Bear Brown calls this a “date” and then he follows through by saying it was a “good day” on his post. So, it appears that making a go of their relationship might just be in the cards. Or is it?

It’s no secret that the long-running Alaskan Bush People show falters in ratings today. Rekindling Bear and Raiven’s love story, along with baby River in the picture might work to eke out another season.

The hard part is convincing the Alaskan Bush People fans that their attempt at another relationship is the real deal. Don’t forget, they embarked on one messy split.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Baby River

Alaskan Bush People: Ratings Going Down?

Bear Brown collects a lot of well-wishes in the comment section of that post. Alaskan Bush People followers also can’t say enough about the adorable trio in the photo. But some can’t help wondering if this pic has a hidden agenda. Is it a long-reach towards another season?

The season finale on October 11, didn’t bring in the high ratings hoped for despite all the hype over the mountain fire. According to reports, it appears the ceiling dropped in anticipated viewers for the show. The new expected peak views for Alaskan Bush People is about 1.5 million.

As recent as 2018, Alaskan Bush People hovered over the top of the list for cable shows airing on Sunday nights that year. It even hit number one for all age groups on Sunday, August 18, 2018. But now it sits with only a million and a half as an expected viewership.

Reports indicate it is one of the Discovery Channel’s cheapest shows to produce, so, that’s probably a deciding factor if it will return or not.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Baby River - Raiven Adams

Bear Brown and Girlfriend Raiven Adams – Saving Grace?

Little River’s facial expression is adorable as he looks up at his mom and dad sharing a kiss. If Raiven joins the show as Bear’s other half and the baby is also part of the next season, this might help.

It’s easy to see in the comment section of Bear’s recent posts that Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts can’t get enough of baby River. So, just maybe there’s more life left in this Discovery Channel show.

Whether Raiven and her wilderness boyfriend rekindle their relationship or not, at least they’re on friendly terms. These two came out with verbal boxing gloves not too long ago. They traded verbal punches from their individual corners in the social media world.

But today it appears they worked it out. From the look on River’s face, it seems they’ve even surprised their young son.

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