‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Rushes to Snag Raiven in Her Debut Episode

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown makes the big introduction of future baby-mama Raiven Adams on the next episode of the show. The previews for Wednesday’s Alaskan Bush People suggest Bear wastes no time at all in the courting department. It looks like he fast-tracks this romance, much to Raiven’s surprise.

Bear Brown appears to take things too fast for his new girlfriend Raiven Adams on the next Alaskan Bush People episode. He suddenly comes at her with a ring. Even the sound of that romantic background music comes to a screeching halt as Bear’s “angel” changes her facial expression. But there’s no mistaking Bear is head over heels for this girl, or at least he was when the episode filmed.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Gushes and Rushes In

Fans of the Alaskan Bush People know all too well how Bear Brown’s romance with Raiven Adams played out. This coming episode is the first you see of Raiven on the show. But their whirlwind romance turned into turmoil that rumbled through social media since the last season ended.

In a nutshell, they met as friends, fell in love, and then got engaged. But something happened to make them realize they were meant to be friends and not lovers. So, the son from the Brown wolfpack and his “heaven-sent” fiancee (for a moment) split.

Next, it seems Raiven found out she’s expecting a new member of the Alaskan Bush People clan. The gender reveal of a boy soon followed. Then, both Bear Brown and Raiven Adams announced they’re expecting a baby and the two would co-parent despite their split.

Suddenly, Bear and Raiven reunite again and the love fest on social media is on again for Bear Brown. Raiven Adams and Bear are once again the latest couple from this Discovery Channel series.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams

Raiven Adams Paves the Way For Debut

Bear picks right back up with his romance on social media painting Raiven as his goddess. But the second time around also became short-lived. Today, the two remain apart but report their friendship is solid and they plan on co-parenting once their son arrives.

When Alaskan Bush People filmed the season that airs now, Raiven was a keeper, in Bear Brown’s eyes. So, she became part of the show. The previews for the next episode on Wednesday night promises the debut of Raiven Adams.

Bear Brown’s ex started advertising her debut awhile back. Raiven Adams said she would be on Alaskan Bush People starting in December. It seems she miscalculated or the show pushed her appearance up a bit. This week on Wednesday, January 15, the Discovery Channel has Raiven onscreen for the first time.

It looks as though Raiven is paving the way for her Alaskan Bush People debut by highlighting her pregnancy on social media. While it’s not known why Raiven left Bear Brown and his mountain home, she did become a target online for critics.

Alaskan Bush People: Finally This Week, Here She Is…

When you venture into reality TV stardom, that criticism follows. It goes hand and hand. Although, it seems Raiven Adams still draws attention to herself by keeping fans updated on her pregnancy. So it would seem she isn’t too against that attention from fans.

From pictures of her progressing baby bump to a snapshot of the food she’s craving, Bear’s ex is not going about her pregnancy silently. She also hopped online to announce the date she first shows up on Alaskan Bush People.

So, viewers get to meet Raiven Adams for the first time on Wednesday’s episode of Alaskan Bush People. Maybe viewers will catch a clue or two that points to what went wrong with this relationship.

The preview already hints that an overenthusiastic Bear Brown rushes things a bit. Until then, Raiven paves the way for her debut, right down to sharing what she’s craving these days.

Tune in to the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights for new episodes of this wilderness family.

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