‘Alaskan Bush People’: Is Bear Brown Punishing Himself? [Photos]

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown prides himself on living life to the extreme but his behaviors look more like self-punishment lately. This Alaskan Bush People son navigates life alone now after his split from Raiven Adams. It looks as if he may still hurt a bit over the love of his life going her separate way.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Gushes Over His Angel

During this last season, Bear Brown couldn’t say enough about his angel who fell to earth from heaven. She was his for keeps. Or at least he believed that when he got down on bended knee. Bear did that and got a “yes” on one of the last episodes of Alaskan Bush People.

The woman who he intended to be his partner for life as his wife made her exit off the mountain. But she’s carrying his baby and this has to be hard for Bear. He’s in awe of his two brothers who started little families of their own. Bear Brown couldn’t wait to have that same thing with Raiven.

From what the Alaskan Bush People viewers got to see on screen – this guy had it bad for Raiven. Bear Brown’s posts went on and on about how lucky he was. He also said that he couldn’t believe someone like her could be interested in him.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Bear Brown Extreme Wooing In the Bush

It looked like Bear Brown was so in love with Raiven Adams that he couldn’t contain himself. His extreme behaviors seemed to get even more extreme on the Alaskan Bush People screen. He was running, jumping, climbing trees and even shaking the trees.

But no one knows what went wrong to cause the demise of this relationship. Bear Brown announced their first sudden split. After a week or two apart, they decided to try a reboot after they discovered a baby was on the way. But that short-lived attempt led to them to finally calling it quits.

Bear Brown announced to his Alaskan Bush People followers online that the relationship ended a second time. But just after that, he seemed to change. His online posts seemed dark and recently he seems to take it a step further.

From Bear’s posts online, it doesn’t look as if he fully moved past his breakup. His selfies look dark and lonely. His smiles disappeared altogether. Much of his posts deal with the darkness. His latest video online seems to indicate the Alaskan Bush People celeb upped the ante on his behaviors.

Alaskan Bush People: Self-Punishment

Bear Brown videos himself out in the snow without a shirt on. While this might fall under his tendency to take things to the extreme, what comes next seems to go a bit too far. Bear lays face down in the snow and starts to do push-ups. Is this more Alaskan Bush People “extreme” from Bear or is he punishing himself?

This video has a military-like feel to it. You might see something like this in a movie where a drill sergeant doles out punishment. Did Bear decide to punish himself over the split from the mother of his unborn child?

Don’t forget the values these kids needed to follow under Billy Brown and Ami Brown’s direction. Mom Ami Brown demonstrated this a while back with son Gabe Brown.

Bed Check From Mom

Ami checked out how Gabe set up his twin beds when the company was expected. Her son pointed out that he left a space between the beds, which seemed to meet with Ami’s approval.

This occurred before her son married Raquell Rose Brown, who came to the mountain for a visit. Ami also called the space between the beds a place for God to walk. This offered a pretty good indication they frown upon sex before marriage.

Now with Bear about to become a dad, it goes without saying he didn’t always allow space between them for Raiven’s visit. So maybe he feels he let his parents down? Or maybe Bear Brown feels the need to punish himself over the split?

Who knows what Bear is up to. But this Alaskan Bush People wilderness guy is bare-chested on top of the snow in some frigid mountain weather. So whether or not it’s punishment, it still has to hurt. At the very least it’s nippy. (No pun intended).

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